Curious about the buzzword in education reform-RIGOR. Rigor is being thrown around to the point of exacting rhetoric.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Rigor as:
rig·or noun \ˈri-gər\ rigors : the difficult and unpleasant conditions or experiences that are associated with something: the quality or state of being very exact, careful, or strict (1) : harsh inflexibility in opinion, temper, or judgment : severity (2) : the quality of being unyielding or inflexible : strictness (3) : severity of life : austerity

Educational reformists view rigor in the classroom a bit differently.

According to Barbara Blackburn, alleged expert, educational reformist, motivational speaker and author- Rigor is “creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels, each student is supported so he or she can learn at high levels, and each student demonstrates learning at high levels (Blackburn, 2008)”.

She is the leading author on “Rigor” in academia and is the backbone behind “Rigor” in common core having penned several books on “Rigor” including the “Beginner’s Guide to Rigor” attached herewith.

See also: Rigor and CC: http://www.barbarablackburnonline.com/common-core-state-standards/

I would have read more, but I found the material too rigorous for me (note sarcasm.) Here you go, thats some brief research on all the “Rigor” thats going on in the classroom.

The PDF file didnt upload. Here is the link to Blackburn’s Beginner’s Guide to Rigor in the Classroom:


Blackburn refers to Blooms Taxonomy, a foundation behind the elements of “Rigor”. Here is a Blooms cheat sheet:http://www.bloomstaxonomy.org/…


okay, i thought this was kinda funny:


According to the authors of this study, kindergartners actually need less “rigor” and more playtime.



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