The Poughkeepsie Five Speak Out Against NYSED and King

Dear Friends,

On October 10, 2013, at a Town Hall event sponsored by the NYSPTA the 5 of us spoke at the microphone before Commissioner John King, Jr. in an effort to advocate for our own children and/or the teachers, administrators and students in our communities.

In light of certain statements made in the press by Commissioner King and controversy that has ensued in the aftermath of that event, we would like take this opportunity to comment and clarify a few things publicly.
Attached, please find our joint statement and comment in regard to the upcoming NYSED forums.

I would ask that you please share this information and forward it to every elected representative, parent, teacher, student and administrator and/or friend that you have who may benefit from hearing about our experience and what we have to say. Please post and share on FB! We thank you in advance!!

Anna Shah 
Jennifer Kaufman
Mikey Jackson
Joanne Swick Tumolo
Jolyn Safron

Joint Press Statement:

Town Hall Comments Youtube Video (courtesy Mert Melfa):


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