Hyde Park Supe on Core – Earns a Vote of No Confidence!

Hyde Park Central school District cordially invites you to come celebrate common core!!
See here (http://www.hpcsd.org/files/filesystem/Common%20Core%20Informational%20Night%20%20-%20November%2012,%202013.pdf)

I thought Hyde Park did a great job in deciding to withdraw from RTT. That decision showed sound judgment. But, this? I suppose I can try to understand their objective. But, asking parents, students and teachers to “celebrate” Common core?

What the heck are they thinking?

This is my own personal opinion, but I find this to be a very distasteful, insensitive  and disingenuous approach to addressing Core. Frankly, it is a slap in the face to teachers, students and parents given the stark reality of this measure. Yes, lets celebrate a curriculum that everyone admits rests on the premise that we are “building an airplane while its flying in the air.”

Lets be honest. If you build a plane while its flying in the air, chances are its more than likely to crash and burn than arrive safely or land.

Sounds like “sound educational policy” to me.

Maybe Cora Stemper, Super of HPCSD should read up on Core and discuss with parents and teachers the reality of this curriculum before resorting to advance NYSED infused propaganda. Really? “Celebrate?” That’s just ridiculous.

Maybe Yorktown can show em how its done.



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