Its good to be friends with Regent Chancellor Tisch

$500,000 Salary pluS all expenSe paid private School tuition paid all for heading a NFP charity? Who in the world would approve a bloated employment contract like that?

Why yes….of course….for a “friend”

Regents Chancellor Meryl Tisch would!

“It’s always sad and shocking when we discover that someone used a charity as their own personal piggy bank—but even more so when that scheme involves someone well-respected in government and his community,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a news release.

For years, the Met Council has received contracts and grants from the city and state governments, and has boasted its close relationships with politicians, hosting a high-profile annual breakfast that regularly draws elected officials such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Comptroller John Liu, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and others.

The arrest of William Rapfogel has things looking worse and worse for Assemby Speaker Sheldon Silver. Rapfogel is the husband of one of Silver’s top aides.

And while both Judy Rapfogel and Silver say they knew nothing about William Rapfogel’s alleged wrongdoing, this comes as Silver’s credibility was already weakened by two sexual harassment scandals.

Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin says Silver may not be able to hold on to his position much longer.

It’s unclear if that includes the speaker of the State Assembly Sheldon Silver. Silver is extremely close to Rapfogel. Rapfogel’s wife is Silver’s chief of staff.

Silver’s office would not comment on the arrest.

Rapfogel is accused of using this cash to pay for a home contractor and, according to the attorney general’s office, investigators found $400,000 in cash hidden in Rapfogel’s homes.

As part of the scheme, Rapfogel directed the insurance company to donate to city politicians in hopes of currying favor and funding for the nonprofit group.


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