NYSEDs Data Mining/PII and InBloom – What about the Personal Privacy Protection Laws in NYS?

11/13/13 UPDATE!!!!!

Ironically, I thought about this angle  ( see post below) and was planning to research it but woke up this morning and read an announcement that suit was filed alleging violations of PPL against NYSED!! So, its already in play- I swear it was a coincidence!!

Great minds think alike!

So, happy to see this angle moving forward!! I dont know why PPL angle has not been thought of before.


See PPL info on NYS website:

Original post:
The Personal Privacy Protection Law is one among many laws that ensure that privacy is protected.

Examples of other statutes that require confidentiality or prohibit disclosure to the public deal with:

personal income tax
applicants for or recipients of public assistance
medical records
mental health records
education records pertaining to students
police records concerning juveniles
claims for unemployment insurance benefits drug abuse
rent control
vocational rehabilitation
applicants for or tenants in public housing
child abuse
arrest records on persons against whom charges have been dismissed
victims of sex offenses under the age of 18 years
grand jury proceedings
care and protection of children in receipt of social services
autopsy reports

* It is noted that the Freedom of Information Law prohibits release of information by a state agency if the release would constitute an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

Does dissemination of PII through NYSED/InBloom violate PPL?

How does it pass muster?

I will be looking into this. Stay tuned!

See PPL info on NYS website:






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