NYSPTA Drinks the Common Core Cool Aid!


I am a parent and member of my school districts local PTA unit. I support the PTA wholeheartedly as a parent/teacher advocacy organization.

But, something is amiss.

What the heck was Lana Almiejian doing at the NYSPTA Town Hall forum on 10/10/13?  Whose back did she have because it sure wasnt mine….and not your either. 

I didnt realize that my membership called for PTA members to bow to his majesty, the King. If I had known, I would not have paid for one.

Despite facts that show Common Core amounts to a science experiment more than it amounts to sound educaional policy,

Despite the growing body of evidence that exists showing data and research that undermines any  purported integrity behind Common Core

Despite solid arguments advanced by educators, administrators, teachers, parents and child development professionals across NYS,

In spite of 500 child development experts and educators who have stated, on the record, that they share “grave concerns” about the implementation of Core,

The NYSPTA and National PTA stand firmly committed to follow NYSEDs lead in “adopting” and selling the cool aid known as Common Core. 

Common Core Learning Standards: Be Informed

NYS PTA has been busy informing its members about the importance of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) through articles, workshops, etc… There is a lot of misinformation out there, and some are unaware of the need for the CCLS. NYS PTA supports the CCLS, although we do have issues with the manner in which NYSED has initiated this program.
A recent PDK/Gallup annual education survey revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans have never heard of the CCLS. Survey results also indicate that 95% of Americans think schools should teach critical thinking goals, a main goal of the CCLS. Be informed about the CCLS. The more you know, the more supportive you will be. For information on the CCLS in NYS, please visit http://www.engageny.org. For PDK/Gallup survey results, please visit http://www.pdkpoll.org.
We are offering a new campaign CORE to take with you to the upcoming SED forums:
Value input from parents
Order a one-year delay
Implement first, test second
Create improved, flexible testing
Expand professional development.
You will notice that these five key points spell out the word VOICE; this is intentional.
Our PTA VOICE must be heard and easy to remember. We stand for sensible measures that will help all children and families realize the promise of the Common Core standards. Click here for more information. (Click here to go directly to the Talking Points.)



I wonder why:


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded grants
National Congress of Parents & Teachers (PTA)

Date: May 2013
Purpose: to educate parents and communities on the Common Core Standards and empower leaders to create the changes needed in their school systems
Amount: $499,962

Date: November 2009
Purpose: to support implementation of a strategic plan for national PTAs to promote college-readiness, and higher student performance outcomes
Amount: $2,000,000





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