Im “That Parent.” Im in it for Newtown. Are you?


“That Parent”

This post has nothing to do with NYSED, King, Tisch or Smarmy Arne and everything to with kids, schools and love!

I know who you are – If you are like me, then you are “That Parent,” and if so the protective mamma bear or the pappa bear in you is still going strong!

Like me, you’ll feel compelled to chip in to honor those sweet lives lost at Sandy Hook. Its not lost on me that any one of those children could have been one of our own. But, for the grace of god, they say.

Moving forward, positivity and kindness are elements of society that we thrive on. Help honor those lost by participating in 26 acts of kindness prior to the new year, each act done in honor of a victim that was in Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14.

Forward this wish to every “That Parent” you know and sign yourself “That Parent” too!

Light and love-

Anna Shah, “That Parent,” Poughkeepise , NY



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