It is Easier to Build Strong Children than to Repair Broken Men

I am reblogging my own blog piece called “It is Easier to Build Strong Children than to Repair Broken Men” for a reason. 3 articles appeared in my newsfeed today that literally brought tears to my eyes…and then lit a fire within me to do more than I am already doing to make things right. Please read and share!

Here is what I read:
New York State Principals
New York State’s High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools
An Open Letter to Parents of Children throughout New York State
Regarding Grade 3-8 Testing

N.Y. school principals write letter of concern about Common Core tests

Principals say Common Core tests make little kids vomit, pee their pants

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY


In today’s education systems ranging from elementary to college level, students are faced with several challenges that affect student performance.

As a matter of fact the most common challenger is rated as the world’s second deadliest killer, STRESS! It can lead to a myriad of problems manifesting in physical, pyschological and/or health problems.

Core curriculum and testing has compounded the problem of stress in schools.

A Long Island teacher caught our attention last week when she stood up before Commisioner King and Regent Tisch and accused them of being complicit in “Common Core child abuse” that is going on in NY schools.

How a child responds to stress and what he/she does with the emotions will have a profound affect on learning.

The American Principles Project (APP), in conjunction with the Pioneer Institute and the Heartland Institute, recently released a video of Dr. Megan Koschnick’s presentation discussing how certain aspects…

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