Think your cell phone is a spy? The possibilities are chilling.


According to Washington Post, NSA has been tracking cell phone info world wide and acquiring data related thereto.

The ACLU has caught on. They allege that location data is an extremely powerful set of information and that cumulatively, the info can be used for risk analysis or to predict behavior in a way that is eerie almost chilling.

Speaking locally, the NSA is not the only big brother that may be watching you.

Thanks for raising this issue, Emily Stewart. As discussed in the article, the DA contends that there are safeguards in place to protect the public. In some cases, this kind of data and information is vital to an investigation and could assist an investigation immeasuarbly.

But, cell phone/location data is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a memo from ACLU that provides a fictional account of how seemingly innocuous information (in this case location data acquired from cell phones) about a person can be used, misused, misappropriated or exploited to tell so much more about that person, and those associated with them, than they ever bargained for.

We’re talking about location data but as you can see, the way that info can be pieced together – like a puzzle- into a full color picture is utterly incredible.

Which brings me to why I comment. Imagine, just imagine, what kind of chilling conclusions can be drawn from PII, sensitive and seemingly inocuous information tied to student education records and data!! With recent administrative changes to FERPA, there are virtually no protections afforded to student education records and parents have been deprived of the right to withhold consent to protect their own children from dissemination of PII and student information.

As you know, there has been much controversy surrounding the upload and dissemination of PII by NYSED through InBloom et al. Location data is worrisome. But, PII? The potential is astounding. Talk about 1984!

NYSED intends to build a P-20 repository of information to serve as an “electronic tanscript” designed to follow students throughout their life from childhood into adulthood. This info is to be shared via LEAs, County, State and across State lines eventually.

Many school districts are withdrawing from RTT due to student privacy concerns. My own distrct, Spackenkill, did just that. However, I recently brought to my districts attention that although the district withdrew from RTT over student privacy concerns related to InBLoom, we use Compass Learning edu-portals which apparently no one realized, is an InBloom partner delivering PII straight to InBloom at the outset. Read my letter to BOE here:

I am relieved to report that the district pursued the concerns I raised about Compass Learning partnership with InBloom. Apparently, Compass Learning terminated their relationship with InBloom recently. I will confirm with InBloom before I rest on this matter and have suggested that Compass Learning may want to issue a statement clarifying that they no longer have a relationship with InBloom as InBloom continues to promote Compass Learning as a partner in the media and on its website.

I am pursuing concerns about edu-portal providers that have a relationship with InBloom with state advocacy groups as we speak. A list of providers can be found on InBloom’s website (or on my blog below). Again, Compass Learning is still to this day listed as a partner on InBloom’s website and there is nothing in the media to suggest that this partnership has been terminated. I have encouraged Compass Learning to issue a statement denouncing this relationship. Indeed,

As of this morning (12/11/13), InBloom has removed Compass Learning from their website.

Thank you Leonie Haimson of Class Size matters for tweeting and getting this info out!!

Looks like Compass took notice and acted to distance themselves from InBloom in light of my concerns! 🙂

Parents in school districts need to be aware of the technology that is used in our classrooms.

The transcript and rap sheet attached to each of our children as a result of data mining is positively Orwellian!

NY is the only State left who maintains a relationship with InBloom. All other States and many businesses have fled over student privacy concerns. NYSED and some of the Board of Regents members, on the other hand, remain committed to InBloom. Other Regents (Pillips, Cashin and Rosa) have expressed and validated concerns over student privacy. This speaks volumes.


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