Parents: NYSED Must be Stopped from “Commodifying” PII off the backs of students! This is a Must Read!

Please read the blog post about student data concerns and then sign the petition to stop the New York State Education Department (NYSED) from sharing confidential information without parental consent and violating the privacy rights of students and parents.
Thank you!!!

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY



FB has been buzzing this week with news that student education records containing personally identifiable information has been leaked from Sachem School District in Long Island.

A fellow blogger, No Data NY, posted this disturbing message on her website:

What we fear is here. It’s likely not an InBloom leak – probably a local hacker who seems quite ticked off at Sachem School District. According to the first page of the hacker’s site, he/she claims that the data was exposed 2 years ago by someone else and is doing this now because the district did nothing about it and would not admit it. He/she says the data will continue to be leaked (it still is now) until the district makes an admission to their errors.

I saw the data myself – how? Well, News12 Long Island stated the forum name where the data was posted. The hacker was posting…

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