Disturbing Gaffe Finds NYSED Grossly Negligent in Linking Test Prep Site As Resource For Students/Teachers. Where’s NYSEDs Mea Culpa?


Who’s laughing now?


It continues to boggle my mind that I have been reduced to posting disclaimers on my posts because EngageNY offers students an education in smut.

Since accidentally finding an “are you a sexy bitch” quiz being offered to students as a fun Common Core test preparation tool, I continue to feel like I’m in the adult entertainment version of the Twilight Zone.

Im appalled at recent events , but lets face it, Im not that surprised. NYSED doesnt have the best track record, after all.

Our state’s public schools, are extremely important to me, my family, and my community as I am sure of the same from readers of my blog. Parents and educators across New York State are facing the harsh realities of education reform measures that impact our children. Excessive high stakes testing, APPR tied to student assessments and the collection and sharing of our children’s data is a grave concern. The untested and developmentally inappropriate standard known as Common Core has been forced on our school administrators and teachers resulting in a very skewed and unreasonably challenging curriculum.

By now some of you may be aware of recent events surrounding NYSEDs latest bombshell indiscretion. Commissioner King/NYSED provided students and teachers  graphic and offensive resource link labelled “fun” Common Core test preparation resources for our children on its  Student Support Services website page Engage NY.

These materials have been provided by NYSED on their website and made available to our children for over 1 year. For the duration of the year thus far, King writes “parents and educators will come together by making students college and career ready.”

As will be discussed more fully below, apparently, being college and career ready in NY involves an education in sex and violence according to NYSED.


I broke that story after stumbling across an explicit quiz located on NYSEDs Student Support Services website of EngageNY. You can read the deluded story and see it unfold here: http://wp.me/p44iDJ-lB

Since then, media has been reporting on the piece.

The Washington Post and Carol Burris addresses the most recent NYSED indiscretion and Common Core concerns here:

Class Size Matters, public education advocates, addresses these concerns among others here:

Times Union covered a story about a link to an inappropriate website that SED posted on an Engage NY page called Student Support Services.


Despite the growing body evidence that demonstrates NYSEDs hasty decision making and deficits associated with Common Core,  some parents and educators continue to have a hard time believing that NYSED would offer explicit and inappropriate material to children on their website. Many people trust NYSED because they assume that NYSED will do their job to monitor and provide quality resource materials and instruction to our children. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, NBC News NYC covered this story which spells out some of the disturbing facts:

As you heard in the NBC new piece, NYSED claims that they post hundreds of links and resources on their website so they simply cannot monitor or guarantee the quality and integrity of every single link and/or resource on its webpages. This is very disturbing.

Parents and educators across the State have a right to know and should be made aware of the type and nature of offensive material that was and is probably still available on NYSED/EngageNY endorsed pages. These resources were provided to our children by NYSED to use as Common Core/testing preparation resources. It is clear that the content and quality of resources being provided by NYSED/EngageNY are questionable at best. Based on this most recent bombshell, parents and educators have very good reason to be wary of using NYSED/EngageNY materials and resources. The fact that NYSED refuses to guarantee the quality of these materials and that they are appropriate speaks volumes.

Indeed, here is what NYSED had to say about “smut gate”. This announcement was posted on their FB website.


“We recently became aware of offensive and inappropriate content on a non-NYSED link that appeared on our website. The content at the non-NYSED link has changed since we originally posted the link. As soon as we became aware of the inappropriate content, we removed the link from the NYSED website. We’re glad it was brought to our attention.

Please note every NYSED web page includes a link to our Terms of Use, which states “the documents posted on this server may contain hypertext links or pointers to information created and maintained by other public and private organizations. If you click on these links, you will be leaving the New York State Education Department’s website. These links and pointers are provided for the user’s convenience. The New York State Education Department does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of this outside information. Further, the inclusion of links or pointers to particular items in hypertext is not intended to reflect their importance, nor is it intended to endorse any views expressed, or products or services offered, on these outside sites, or the organizations sponsoring the sites.”

Well, Id like to chime in on that.

NYSED claims that “the content at the non-NYSED link has changed since we originally posted the link”.

From the Times Union piece:

“A spokesman for SED noted that the content was indeed both “offensive and inappropriate.”

He said that about a year ago, the state had added the link to a page offering links to resources for teachers, but at that time the content at allthetests.com was relatively innocuous, including quizzes that might help teachers planning after-school programs.”

Is NYSED really trying to claim that the site was inocuous at the time they linked to it and that it has educational value? In what, sex ed?

NYSEDs claim that the site was clean when they linkd to it is utterly  false. As will be discussed more fully below, NYSED was grossly negligent in providing this material as a resource to students and teachers for test preparation.


Here are some snapshots of how allthetests.com looked at varying dates surrounding the time NYSED linked to it as a student resource.

A snapshot of the site October 2012 shows Harry Potter quizzes for children right alongside quizzes with sexual themes or references:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.51.36 AM

Sandwiched between quizzes of a sexual nature, you can find a quiz about One Direction for kids from this snapshot of the site as it looked in Fall 2012:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.56.03 AM

A snapshot of the site from 2010 is self explanatory:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.24.34 AM

A snapshot of how allthetests.com looked from August 2012 show quizzes that have sexual themes on the same page as quizzes designed for children.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.29.19 AM

Snapshot of the site from September 23, 2012 – the page is sluts are everywhere, are you a slut? I accessed this off the side bar from a seemingly innocuous children’s quiz about Justin Bieber.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.34.04 AM

I also note, right alongside an inocuous “IT quiz” that has a picture of Bill Gates, are sexual themes and references throughout the site as this snapshot from September 2012 shows:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.47.50 AM

A quiz entitled “do you love your stuffed animal?”, circa October 2012 and is seemingly inocuous, turns out to be kinda rude:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.42.44 AM

Do you love your stuffed animal?Developed by: Grace

Do you love your stuffed animal or not?

Question 1: How often do you sleep with your stuffed animal?
Once a week
Every few days
Every day!
Question 2: Does your stuffed animal have a house?
It’s just a box, spot on my shelf or a bag
Yes, it has a toy box, food bowl, guard, bookshelf and beds inside
If by house you mean old moldy spot in the basement, yes
Question 3: What is your stuffed animal’s name?
Something like Cool Guy, Bubblegum Cutie, Adventure Action Man, etc.
Something like rabbit, frog, zebra, etc.
I forget it’s name sometimes
Something mean like dummy, ugly face, etc.
Question 4: Does your stuffed animal have clothes?
It has a wardrobe of clothes!
Clothes came with it
It doesn’t even have fur!
Question 5: Does your stuffed animal have a pet?
It has a bedbug as a pet
It shares my family pet
It has a dog, cat, bunny, hamster and canary all for itself!
Question 6: What does your stuffed animal eat?
Imaginary burgers, carrots, etc.
Paper food
Real caviar, lobster, candy
Question 7: Do you wash your stuffed animal?
Once I have
No, I roll it in mud
Yes, I spray it with water, lightly dab soap on to it, slather it with shampoo, rinse it nicely and put a towel on it
Question 8: Does your stuffed animal have it’s own website?
I bought a domain name for it!
I made it a website insulting it
It has an imaginary one
It has a free one
Question 9: Have you ever mistreated your stuffed animal?
Yes! Why do you think it doesn’t have limbs or stuffing?
Yes, when I got mad
I would rather mistreat myself!
Question 10: I hate your stuffed animal.
I don’t care
How dare you say that! I will get revenge! Watch your back! I will send you rude emails!
You don’t even know what it’s like!
Do you want to be friends?
Don’t say that!

The site has contained smut, explicit, graphic and violent content since its inception.

This “are you a man whore?”, quiz was created and available to students on the site since July 2012. NYSED claims they linked to the site October 2012.

So, as you can see this xxx quiz was already active and on the site at the time NYSED linked to the site for students and teachers to use as a test preparation resource!

Are you a man whore? Quiz
Are you a man whore? Quiz

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.19 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.24 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.27 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.31 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.35 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.39 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.42 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.45 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.50 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.53 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.15.56 PM Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.16.13 PM screen-shot-2014-01-09-at-10-28-30-pm

The link on the official NYSED website was found in student support services section of the NYSED/EngageNY pages labeled “Making Test Prep Fun,” Clearly, the same link was directed for students and teachers to use as a test prep resource from EngageNY. So, I dont follow NYSEDs argument and excuse that the site was clean or that it contains educational value to teachers as a resource.

If NYSED links and provides a resource to children and teachers then NYSED sure as heck better make sure that these resources provided are sound and of good quality to protect students and children who will use them.

Is NYSED really saying that they cant be held responsible for the content of material provided to children as a common core test prep resource which was directly linked to NYSEDs website  nor are they responsible to monitor or supervise  the same in the presence of children who they knew or should have known would be using such resources? I beg to differ.

But, Im not the only one.

A parent in the industry, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her employment,  offered dispositive proof of NYSED’s gross negligence. She writes:

“I work for a company that filters the internet in schools and libraries (and am a former elementary teacher of 15 years). I checked the site in our software. We have 3 categories of sites, green are good, yellow be very careful of and red should be blocked at all times. Most filtering companies place sites in categories and subcategories. All the Tests falls into the Entertainment/Recreation category, which is yellow, meaning beware. Had it been what the NYSED claims it was, it should have fallen into the Education category, which is green. Anything they place on their site as a resource should fall into the green categories. There is so much on the Internet that is good, that a site in the yellow should never be used. A large part of my job is finding sites for teachers to use with students and I can tell you that site would have never gotten anywhere near our product. A MAJOR rule of thumb is making sure sites come from reputable sources. Yes, sites can change (although not in this case), but if you follow certain standards, there is a much smaller chance of a site changing its content on you.”

So, deducing from what the parent in the industry tells me, this guffaw demonstrates gross negligence on NYSEDs part, of course.

Perhaps this is the reason why Common Core is such a mess too?

Who is vetting and assuring the content of the links, materials and resources throughout EngageNY? NYSED has alreadt that they cannot monitor every one of them. This link took over 1 year to find and NYSED didnt find it.

I did. How many more useless resources that have no educational value are there on the NYSED/EngageNY website?

Unfortunately, here we have yet another situation where NYSED refuses to take responsibility for poor planning, poor implementation and lack of proper resources that they provide  to parents, students and educators.

First Core now the man whore quiz. What’s next?

NYSED claimed that when they included the link, allthetests.com website was clean, appropriate and helpful for students and teachers as a fun way to prepare for tests. As you can see, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

I captured the pages on allthetests.com that existed over a year ago and then as far back as October 2002 which clearly demonstrate the content of the allthetests.com website is and WAS explicit  and not helpful for students or teachers. There is no educational value to the site whatsoever. NYSED either knew or should have known that explicit material was contained in this site, you cant miss it!

In short, the information and excuse NYSED gave is false and lacks merit.

Will there be a mea culpa from NYSED anytime soon?

NYSED officials muct have had sufficient notice that the materials found consisted of explicit and offensive material. The site was not clean prior to 2012 it contained explicit and graphic material not suitable for children OR for teachers either thereby impeaching Commissioner King’s contentions.

As if all of the above isnt enough, here is more proof.


For dating accuracy, I went to the waybackmachine website located at:


In the search option where it says browse history I typed in allthetests.com which brought me to a calendar page that provided years and months of saved cached history from that website to choose from.

I randomly chose calendar years and dates opting to search primarily in children, the men, women, love and relationship sections. Why did I choose these subjects? They are all made available to the site user. The children section is not separated or isolated  in anyway a child user has access to every link on that website. So, frankly, I searched the ones that I thought might be most appealing to hormonal teens or curious children. Moreover, I found inocuous quizzes sandwiched between quizzes of a sexual or violent nature all over the site. Everything was mixed and mingled in an orgy of dysfunction. But, I digress.

From there, I just looked around until I found something salacious. Not hard to find, there is inappropriate content strewn all over the site mixed in with purported innocuous quizzes as well. I took screenshots and voila…this post is born.

The other option, is If you open my word document on your computer, you should be able to click right through to the quizzes I cited straight from my word document to get you there.  You can look around from there.

Took me 20 minutes to browse and find enough material to make myself sick. I found smut all over the site dating as far back as 2002.

NYSED would have found this offensive content had they made any effort to look. I cant imagine that NYSED made any attempt to vet the site. There is no educational value to the site. Quite the opposite, the content is graphic and harmful to minors. I would question the morailty, sanity and integrity of any teacher who chose to use the site as a “test preparation” tool.  What kind of professional would even write such a thing, let alone submit it for posting? The teachers I know are trying to promote anti bullying and talk about reducing violence in schools and something like this is on a state approved website goes against everything in their moral fiber.

Here is what  else I found that existed on the site at the time NYSED provided as a student/teacher  resource:

Question 1: When you see hot straight guy walk down with his girlfriend, you would…

Tell him that you want him.
Steal him right away.
Ignore him and walk away or just get his girlfriend.
Run away from him.
Wait until his girlfriend got out of his sight.

Question 2: How you feel when you saw WHOA cock?

Jealous of it.
I need him so badly!
I’m scared, but I will try…
Nah. I think that those tiny penis are turn on.
Girls are better!

Question 3: Which does you prefer? Boy or girl?

Sexy girls! Boob, Ass, and Booty… WOW!
I just love myself!
I don’t need them…
Not sure.
Hot guys, please! I like muscle, cock, and abs…

Question 4: If there’s naked guys make love, you would…

Sit down and watch them.
Stop them.
Leave quickly
Ask them for do threesome.
Say that they have a incredible connection.

Question 5: IF a gorgeous man actually stalking you, you would…

Wish it was babe.
Wow. This is too much for me to handle.
Tell him to fuck off or warn him about handcuffed by police.
Calling him “PERVERT”
Welcome him to your world.

Question 6: After you see hot babe jogging down at the park, you would…

Prefer it if there is hot guy with a big fabulous bulge!
Being distracting.
Join her.
Who don’t care?
Ewww… Those girls aren’t sexy!

Question 7: When guy masturbating the front of you…

Punch him in his face.
Scream and run away.
Give him blow job.
Do same.
Let have sex together.

Question 8: Can you tease them to get their attention?

Only if they pay.
Sure! I love to do it.
I love show them off about my dirty talent.
I rather do it if it is for girls.
I don’t know how to do it.

Question 9: For your dirty fantasy, what you want to do with those guys?

I won’t think about them. I can’t believe you make this!
I never have the thought of this before…
Those fantasies are so boring. Everything is better with girls.
Wrestling them in naked code.
Fight with them.

Question 10: Forget your work, what jobs you really want to be?

Man whore
UFC fighter
Hot soldier
Gay porn star

Question 11: Where you want to touch him?

I need girl!
Just grab his beautiful cock!

Question 12: Do you want to have a lots of guy in your life?

One is better.
Too much for me.
Wish I do gather those cute guys.
Hell, yes!
Uh… No.

Question 13: Do you like being involved in a group sex?

Only if all of them are gorgeous.
Sure. I love do that for my lifetime!
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Boring… I just do it with everyone. It is just same situation.
Rather focus on single one.

Question 14: Can you bang them in everywhere?

Nah. Do it at home is better.
In space.
I don’t care what people saw!
Gay beach

Question 15: Are you gold digger?

No. that would be bad.
Ha ha! Yep, I am. Don’t tell anyone!
I’m rather be whore than that!
No, but thank for pop that idea.
What’s that?

Question 16: Which do you more likely toward to Muscle or Twinks?

Muscle men are so beautiful!
I want to date an alien… So HOT!
Both… Only if they have a fabulous cock!
Hey! I can lift those skinny bitches!
Babes, please…

Question 17: At the time, those men currently have sexual ugre, can you make their dream come true?

No, I won’t let them fulfill their needs!
Yes! They can fuck me if they must!
Sex addict is so bad…
Hey! I’m not gay… Maybe?

Question 18: Before you broke your virginity, what did you think of having sex?

I was so busy with the objects that are important than that.
Thank god for break it so early!
I still can’t get one… Waa!
Just found the love by the sight.

Question 19: What do you think of those gay rapists?

Stay away from them if they really are ugly.
I understand that they were in desperate condition…
Gonna get know more about them.
Come get me! I need sex, please!
What? I won’t make the contact with those slum.

Question 20: Actually, you are…

Man, this isn’t helpful.

Question 21: What do you think of this quiz?

You’re whore because you make this dirty questions!
Lame, I won’t take this quiz again… Maybe?
You made my day!
Seriously. this is nothing to do with MAN WHORE!


Man panties quiz:

Are your man panties too tight?

Don’t be afraid boys….

The quiz is developed on: 20.01.2009

Top of Form

Time left:

Question Yes No
1. Are your nuts shriveled?
2. Are they wrinkled?
3. Are they sweaty?
4. Is the right one bulging out of the side?
5. Are hairs protruding through the fabric?
6. Does your sex organ appear to be smaller than usual?
7. Are your lower extremities purple?
8. Have you lost the feeling in lower extremities?
9. Is your girlfriend complaining?
10. Is your boyfriend complaining?
11. Do you know that cotton is breathable?
12. Have you lost an interest in sex?
13. Do you find the back of your panties gravitating to your crack?
14. Are your hemorrhoids acting up?
15. Can you tell you have underwear on?

Bottom of Form

This quiz is developed by Gregg .


Masturbation quiz circa 2008

Masturbation for Women: What your habits say about you?

Statistics tell us that most women masturbate, yet few will discuss or admit it. This is your chance to get it all off your chest anonymously and find out if your behavior is normal or “out there”.

The quiz is developed on: 23.12.2008

Top of Form

Question 1: Do you masturbate (as the majority of women do) and if so, why?
   I masturbate because I can have much more satisfying sex alone than with a partner.
   I masturbate when I don’t have a lover and feel the need to satisfy my urges.
   I masturbate even though I have access to a lover but he/she can’t totally satisfy my needs physically.
   I masturbate because I need more sex than my lover can provide.
   I never, ever masturbate.
Question 2: How often do you masturbate?
   Daily or nightly.
   Multiple times a day or night.
   Once a week or so.
   Very rarely, every couple of months.
   I never do.
Question 3: Do you admit to your partner that you masturbate?
   I don’t masturbate.
   We discuss it openly, and neither of us has a problem with it.
   I would never, ever be able to admit it.
   I think he or she knows, but I wouldn’t tell them the truth if they asked.
   My partner knows about it, but we don’t discuss it.
Question 4: Do you feel ashamed of masturbating?
   I’m so ashamed that I’d do anything to cover it up.
   Yes, a lot.
   I don’t masturbate.
   Yes, a little.
   No, it is a natural human response to the sex urge.
Question 5: Where do you most commonly masturbate?
   In my bed at night.
   In public places where I won’t get caught.
   Anywhere in my own house where I have privacy.
   Anywhere, anytime I won’t get arrested.
   I don’t masturbate.
Question 6: Has your partner ever caught you masturbating?
   He/she has, but I explained it or covered it up.
   Yes, and it became a big issue.
   No, never.
   I don’t masturbate.
   Yes, but it’s no big deal. We discuss it openly.
Question 7: What’s your favorite method of masturbation?
   Using a vibrator externally.
   Using hands.
   Using a dildo or other insertion device.
   I don’t masturbate.
   Using both vibrator and dildo and whatever other devices I need.
Question 8: What is the main attraction to you of masturbation as opposed to a human lover?
   I don’t have to worry about pleasing my partner, I can just concentrate on myself.
   I can give myself whatever I want for as long as I want.
   I masturbate to meet my needs, but prefer a human.
   My partner isn’t big enough or can’t go long enough or doesn’t have the technique to totally satisfy me.
   I don’t masturbate.
Question 9: What kind of fantasies do you have when you masturbate?
   I fantasize about “kinky” situations such as rape, S&M, etc.
   I don’t masturbate.
   I masturbate but don’t fantasize.
   I fantasize about my partner.
   I fantasize about a person or persons I find sexually attractive.
Question 10: What would cause you to stop masturbating?
   Getting all the sex I need from a partner.
   Getting caught.
   If it caused a rift between my partner and I.
   I can’t think of any reason I’d stop masturbating–it’s too enjoyable.
   I don’t masturbate.
Question 11: If you were in a situation where you couldn’t masturbate for a week, how would you feel?
   I would find a way to masturbate no matter what the risks.
   I would be on edge with a need for sexual satisfaction.
   No problem, I don’t masturbate.
   I would be miserable and would think about my needs all the time.
   A little anxious, but OK.
Question 12: And finally, do you plan on masturbating today or tonight?
   I will masturbate in the next 24 hours no matter what.
   I might or might not, depends on what mood I’m in.
   I don’t masturbate.
   I plan on it, but something might come up.
   I plan on it if I can get privacy.

Bottom of Form


Are you a sociopath?




1. Are you not considered charming by many others?
2. Do you use this charm to manipulate or con others?
3. Do you have a big ego?
4. Are you a pathological liar?
5. Do you feel no remorse when you hurt someone?
6. Do you often break promises?
7. Are you incapable of loving someone?
8. Do you get bored easily?
9. Do you not care much about the feelings of others?
10. Do you have bad control over your impulses?
11. When you were younger were you prone to behavioral problems?
12. Are you unreliable and irresponsible?
13. Are you not loyal to your significant other?
14. Are your plans for the future unrealistic? (be honest now)
15. Do you cling onto others for self gain?
16. Would you break the law?
17. Would you have committed criminal acts as a child?
18. Are you a paranoid person?
19. Do you tend to have many short-term relationships but never any meaningful long-term ones?
20. Are you secretive?
21. Do you know the difference between right and wrong?
22. Do you learn from your past mistakes?
23. Do you just want to “be trusted”?
24. Do you betray people’s trust?

One more explicit test,  there is a sexy bitch quiz circa 2002. See attached or at this link:


This site is and was clearly explicit and offensive prior to October 2012. NYSED probably looked no further than the front page and failed to do any due diligence in vetting the site prior to linking it as a fun test prep resource for children on NYSED/EngageNY website!

I took screen shots of the most disturbing quiz, the Man Whore quiz as you can see above.  As to date, the captures state October 6, 2012- June 25, 2013 but it was created on the website in July 2012.

While the smut is offensive, what really bothered me were the references and quizzes promoting killing and violence.

Here are a few examples:

The “are you capable of killing people quiz”

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 4.50.18 AM

Are you capable of killing people?

star goldstar goldstar goldstar gold greystar greyFemaleMale
time limit: t < 10 min – Developed by: Andras Csabai – The quiz is developed on: 2007-11-15 – 7412 taken – User Rating: 3.45 5.0 – 11 Votes

See who you can kill, or if you can even kill

  • 1
    What is your choice of melee weapon?
    Spiked Fists
  • 2
    What is your choice of gun?
    Grenade Launcher
    Machine Gun
  • 3
    How would you kill George Bush?
    Put drugs in his car and have the police kill him
    With a spoon
    Tear out his eyeballs
    Shoot him
    Push him in front of a bulldozer
  • 4
    What bomb would you use to destroy a skyscraper?
    Nuclear Bomb
    Atomic Bomb
  • 5
    How would you execute a prisoner?
    Electrode him
    Behead him
    Give him a cuddle
    Drown him
    Throw a spoon at him
  • 6
    What would make a bigger hole in an air rifle?
    Bowling Ball
    Shotgun Shells
    Roo poo
  • 7
    If you were forced to kill your mother for your life, would you?
    Kill mum and dad
    Kill the whole family
  • 8
    What would you use to launch someone in the air?
    Out of control Jetpack
    Someone’s Armpits
  • 9
    What is your preferred way of killing?
  • 10
    If you were out hunting, what animal would you hunt down?
    Rolling Apple
  • 11
    What’s your favourite killing book?
    I kill for breakfast (Assassin’s Edition)
    Kill Bill
    How to kill people with a spoon
    I’d kill for some money
    Chick, Chick, BOOM!
  • 12
    You’re about to die. What will you do?
    Talk about spoons
    Suicide bomb the joint
    Point and laugh
    Try and kill the killer
    Try and run
  • 13
    Someone gave you a plasma rifle for your birthday. What will you do?
    Trade it for a spoon
    Shoot the person who gave it to you.
    Use it to rob places
    Kill your enemies
    Go and kill everyone you see
  • 14
    What would you kill a chicken with?
    Someone’s armpits
    Rocket Launcher
  • 15
    Final Question …. How would you commit suicide?
    hit yourself with a Spoon
    Try and have the cops kill you
    Rip your own head off
    Drown in your own urine
    Jump off a cliff with spikes below

Violence against animals and people is a theme in this demented NYSED linked quiz:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 4.51.53 AM

What form of government execution are you?

Do you tune in, in fascination, to the latest execution? Regardless of whether you know who the guy is or not? Do you ever tape it and play it back thinking, I could’ve done that better? Now you can find out just how much of a heartless bastard you are!

Question 1: When looking at a simple object such as a pencil or a hair brush, what is your first response?
(Jumping up and down) Hehe pencil.
Is it yours? Cause if it is, I’m not touching it.
Oh, yes! Hair brushes crank!
Huh, that’s pointy…
I ought to shove that pencil through your skull.
Question 2: What kind of programs do you watch on television?
Barney, Barney is nice… Barney cares.
COPS, but only when there’s police brutality.
Uh, that TV show with the people, I dunno, I love sugar.
American Idol, public humiliation, bahaha!
The Disney Channel, oh look! Hillary Duff!
Question 3: Ok, say you saw a puppy on the side of the road, it’s so cute and fuzzy and… brown, what is your first impulse?
Kick him, kick him hard!
Skin it and wear it as a hat.
Oh, oh, puppy! What? Puppy, no, don’t run away, come back!
Save him from the cruel, cruel world.
Pet him and frolic with him through the forest!
Question 4: You see a website for a “Save the Children Fund,” what is your reaction?
Move to Africa and hunt them like wilderbeast and then feed them back to their own kind, mwahahaha!
Oh, oh, children, I love children, and websites, and computers, oh look, sugar!
Give them a thousand dollar donation, THEY ARE THE FUTURE!
Write them hate mail. With swearing.
Move to Africa and help them plant crops.
Question 5: Do you play any sports such as football, baseball, tennis, badminton, that game with the scoopie things…
Oh, I play all kinds of stuff, baseball, basketball, tennis, or I just run and run and run…
Yes, but only when everybody wins because everyone is special (smiling stupidly).
No, sports involves competition, competition starts wars, wars are EVIL!
Only when there’s a possibility somebody will bleed.
Shooting games are fun, especially combined with other, non-shooting games…
Question 6: Do you watch porn or enjoy kinky sex?
I love sex, I have sex all the time, sex is fun, especially with lots of people, lots and lots of people and sugar…
I like to hear them scream in pain, whips are fun.
I like sex, but only with my significant other, cause they’re special (again with the stupid smiling).
I only do what my partner tells me to do, I am their slave.
If by kinky you mean with a chainsaw.
Question 7: Do you have a lot of friends (real or imaginary)?
If by friends you mean… victims.
The voices in my head are friendly…
Oh my God, I love my friends, friends are great, especially when they buy you things, like sugar!
Yes, everyone is my friend, I love everyone, I love YOU!
People are nice, I like people, don’t you think people are nice?
Question 8: Ok, word association game, pick the answer that best fits your first response to this word: Red.
Pretty flowers, flowers in my hair (dancing about the room).
Love, for all the wonderful people, I love you people.
Chunks of seared, human flesh…
I don’t like red, I like yellow, yellow is pretty and white, white like sugar…
Bulging eye sockets as the lariat tightens…
Question 9: When people see you walking casually down the street, what do they do?
If they look at me I simply wait till they pass and then beat them to a bloody pulp with my handy baseball bat.
They struggle helplessly as I wrap my arms around them and tell them of my undying love for man-kind!
If they smile I tell them my entire life story until they run in which case I pursue them.
They stare at me kind of funny, but that’s ok, I really like skipping! Skipping is fun.
They smile, then they fall cause I tripped their sorry ass.
Question 10: Do you believe in the death penalty?
What? I dunno. Do you have a trampoline? Jumping is fun, with sugar!
No, it is immoral and wrong, people must live forever and eat grapes!
It should be enforced more, like for shop-lifting and scalping opera tickets and breathing…
Only if it’s long and painful and administered by me.
Only if they really deserved it… like if they killed a deer. Deer are pretty.

What about the are you a serial killer quiz linked by NYSEd?

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 4.52.40 AM

Are you a serial killer?

This test uses data from the FBI’s human behaviour department to identify various early warning signs that will determine if you are, or are going to be, a serial killer.

Question 1: You are walking in the desert. You see a tortoise. You pick it up and turn it on its back and watch as it helplessly tries to right itself. What do you do?
Return it to its feet and feel guilty all day.
You just leave it there and walk off.
You sit and watch it slowly die in the heat of the sun.
You take out your knife and gut the tortoise, and wear its shell as a hat.
Question 2: Do you wet the bed?
No, never have.
Yes, when I was a small child.
Yes, still do.
Question 3: You are walking home, late at night. There is nobody about. You see a homeless man, lying drunk in a pool of his own urine. Do you-
Walk on by.
Give him some change
Give him a swift kick to the guts.
Give him a savage beating
Gouge out his eyes and gut him like a fish.
Question 4: What’s the nastiest thing you have ever done to an animal?
I have never hurt a living creature.
I swatted a fly or other insect.
I killed a rat/mouse other pest animal
I set fire to a dog or a cat
I killed a bunch of nurses.
Question 5: Have you ever set fire to something?
No, never.
Sure, I made a fire in my fireplace.
Sure, I set fire to bushes and stuff.
I burned a house down once.
I poured petrol over a gay man and burned him to death
Question 6: What is your sexual orientation?
I like little kids.
Sex… sexx…. no mummyyy I’m a good boy… good boy… dirty dirty
I get sexual kicks from murdering people.
Question 7: Do you have many close friends?
Sure, a whole bunch.
I have a few close friends
I don’t have any friends.
Only one, but he only comes when I get angry.
I make friends easily, but the relationships always end when I murder them.
Question 8: Which one of these people do you admire more?
Nelson Mandela
The Fonz
Adolf Hitler
Ted Bundy
Question 9: Have you ever got really angry and lashed out at someone with physical violence?
No, never
Yeah, a couple of times I started a fight.
A couple of times I’ve really dealt out a savage beating.
Yeah, I get really violent all the time and I flip out and kill people.
I never get angry when I kill people, I’m just doing what the lord satan commands.
Question 10: Are you a serial killer?
No, I’m just a violent thug, not a murderer.
I get tempted to start killing those filthy whores sometimes.

And as if students dont have enough problems with bullying in schools, here is the are your friends trying to kill you quiz linked by NYSED as fun test prep:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 4.53.30 AM

Are Your Friends Trying To Kill You?

Aaah… friendship. You love your friends. But do THEY love you? How many of your friends are plotting your death? Find out now, and be afraid. Be very afraid.

Question 1: You’re in the locker room and you notice that your friend has unusual genitalia. You….
Laugh in their face.
Hide your genitals. So s/he doesn’t feel bad.
Say nothing.
Take a Polaroid as fast as you can, run out and copy them, and paste them everywhere.
Point and go “Ewww… what is that?”
Question 2: Your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend comes up to you and starts flirting with you. You…
Immediately run to your friend and tell them of the bad, bad thing they did.
Flirt back, noticing your friend in the background. Yeah, that’s right. I’m hotter than you.
Make out with them.
Tell the boyfriend/girlfriend to ditch that loser for you.
Keep it to yourself. Nobody should really know. Although you do feel flattered.
Question 3: When you eat with your friends, you’re the one that has…
money and a lot of change afterwards
no money. “Please, give me food, mister….”
enough to pay for yourself
enough to give cash to the poor one
The suggestion to split the bill
Question 4: If you HAD to kill one of your friends to save another friend, you’d kill…
The friend you have to save. That takes care of that.
Yourself. I must rescue them all.
The one with the funny genitalia.
The first one you see. Does it really matter anyway?
Question 5: Your friend has an unusual liking for polkarap music. You…
Burn all the CDs
Burn your best friend
Nod and say, “at least you have a different taste”
Put on the gold chain and suspenders and dance for fun.
Put on the gold chain and suspenders and make fun of your polkarap liking dumbass friend for having no taste.
Question 6: Glayvenshoyl! Froynlaven!
My nerdy friend says that all the time.
Is that an “in” word?
I gotta pee.
Question 7: You are envied because of your…
I’m envied?
My looks
My humor
My wit
Everything. I’m perfect in every way, and I make sure I tell everyone.
Question 8: You see that someone is squirting ketchup on your friend’s chair as they sit down. You…
Watch and laugh
Squirted the ketchup
Yell NOOOOOOOO in a slow motion voice and push your friend off the chair.
Pull the chair from under him so they don’t get ketchup on their ass, but still fall down.
Wait in anticipation and yell “WATCH OUT!” at the very last millisecond where it’s too late. Heehee.
Question 9: Your REAL friends are all….
critical goths
everyone I find
Question 10: You see on your friend’s face most often…
a smile
an angry look
nothing, they ignore me
a laugh

What’s your ideal way to die? A quiz circa 2008:
Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 1.38.07 AM

Given Columbine, Sandy Hook and other school related tragedies, I would imagine that an educational institution such as NYSED would at least make an effort to prevent gun violence particularly since schools seem to be a hot spot these days. What about DASA? Bullying is a problem in schools. Why would NYSED link to a site that promotes violence and encourages inapproprate and disparate thinking?

What say you NYSED? Someone was grossly negligent in making this decision!

Moreover, a parent brough to my attention that allthetests.com contains endorsements from media and magazines that are clearly not part of the intended demographic nor suitable for children.

Indeed, Askmen.com endorsed the site on January 29, 2007:

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 1.52.37 AM


Recieving an endorsement from Scholastic would indicate that the site is a suitable resource for students and teachers but it wasnt endorsed by  Scholastic, it was endorsed by Askmen.com!

A parent commented to me that:

“if you check the press release page for allthetests.com it is quite clear that this site was NEVER a teacher resources site. Did they think we wouldn’t check this? Someone played a bad joke and got caught.. But this website was exactly what it is today as far back as 2001. It wasn’t a school appropriate site in 2012. http://www.allthetests.com/pressclips.php3. Shame on you NYSED for thinking we were too inept to just look into it.”

Indeed, under the press and endorsements section of allthetests.com it claims the following:

What is AllTheTests.com (Press releases)

Selected articles about AllTheTests.com:

I hated taking tests in school. Most of us probably did. You would have to be warped not to! On the other hand, you may have liked tests, and that could be considered weird. Well, whatever side of the coin you come up with, today’s Warped site will whet your interests for tests of any kind.
The name of the site is All The Tests. Here you can find thousands of tests in more than 20 different categories, and you can choose any of them depending where your interests lay: fun, personality, IQ test, love and relationship, quizzes, fan tests – anything and everything is possible on AllTheTests.com.
Want to check your knowledge in particular disciplines? Here you are, anxious about your new relationship – don’t hesitate! Test your second half, just in a mood to relax on a lazy sunny afternoon – a perfect fun test collection is waiting for you. Crank up your keyboard and mouse, because no matter what your background, what your age or life experiences, you can learn something about yourself here. If you wish, you can also get the detailed report with your scores in different forms of intelligence, explanation and reasoning of the right answer choice, your strength and your weakness and suggestions how to improve your intelligence level.
The Warp-o-Meter gives this site an 8.5. But that may change when the test results are in.
Lockergnome wrote on May 8, 2006

Yahoo Internet Life made AllTheTests.com Useful Site for 06/11/01: :

Quiz Yourself

We love a good quiz at Incredibly Useful Sites, and you can find pointers to tests of all types at AllTheTests.com. Whether you want to test your knowledge of eating disorders, French, or organic chemistry, start here. Just choose the type of test you want to get a list of links with estimated times and ratings. You’ll also find personality and relationship tests too. If you need some self-knowledge, you can find it here.

AskMen.com made AllTheTests.com Site of the day (07/01/2001): :


AskMen.com Rates This Site: 8/10
Description: AllTheTests.com has a huge amount of tests you can take. What We Think: Some tests aren’t serious at all, but others are intensely mind boggling. Best Feature: Take the “Purity Test” and find out how pure you really are.

Yahoo Internet Life made AllTheTests.com Useful Site for 06/11/01: :

Quiz Yourself

We love a good quiz at Incredibly Useful Sites, and you can find pointers to tests of all types at AllTheTests.com. Whether you want to test your knowledge of eating disorders, French, or organic chemistry, start here. Just choose the type of test you want to get a list of links with estimated times and ratings. You’ll also find personality and relationship tests too. If you need some self-knowledge, you can find it here.

HEREontheWEB.com made AllTheTests.com Website of the Week (16.04.2001):

All The Tests

What’s your IQ? You can find out at AllTheTests.com. It’s your online guide to online tests. You’ll find IQ tests, language tests, Personality tests, tests for kids and more. Go ahead. Take a test!

AACRAO NetNews wrote in Volume IX, Number 1 February 27, 2001:

Test yourself

If you are one of those folks who enjoys constant self-analysis, or if you want to evaluate some of those faculty, students, or colleagues who surround you, check out AllTheTests.com at http://www.allthetests.com/. This is a directory of tests of the Web, including IQ tests, personality tests, career tests, etc. The site is browsable by category or keyword searchable. Site listings include the name and URL of a site, a brief description, and some idea of how long the test will take (longer than an hour, less than 30 minutes, etc.) Additional icons denote whether the test is form-based, if you can take it offline, whether you get the results via e-mail, and the test’s rating.

American Cynic made AllTheTests Website of the Week January 15, 2001 Volume 06 Issue 03:

All the Tests

We’ve featured IQ tests before. We’ve featured personality tests before. We’ve even featured comic relationship tests before. Why not just end the repetition and feature “All the Tests”? This web site is a directory of tests on the Web, including IQ, personality, career, and purity. You can review the site by category or by keyword search.

researchbuzz.com made AllTheTests Today’s Thursday, January 11, 2001:

Riddle Me This, Batman! (Test Search Engine)

If you’re one of those folks who is into constant self-analysis, this is the site for you. AllTheTests.com ( http://www.allthetests.com/) provides a directory of tests of the Web, including IQ tests, personality tests, career tests, etc. The site is browsable by category or keyword searchable. Site listings include the name and URL of a site, a brief description, and some idea of how long the test will take (longer than an hour, less than 30 minutes, etc.) Additional icons denote whether the test is form-based, if you can take it offline, whether you get the results via e-mail, and the test’s rating.

Refdesk.com made AllTheTests Reference Site-of-the-Day November 30, 2000:

Online Tests

An online test search engine and your guide through the jungle of different tests on the Internet from IQ to Personality.

NetConnect Communications made AllTheTests Website of the day November 13, 2000:

All the Tests

I spoke about one of these sites a couple of weeks ago, this one is better, it has thousands of tests for you and your friends to try out! All online all the time, IQ tests, Career tests and even Personality test. Do them with your friends and find out more than you should ever know!! This is some of the best fun!

AllTheTests.com was Webmaster’s Pick by Pacific Internet November 13, 2000:

All the Tests

Get tested here! IQ, EQ, Career, Language, Children, Purity and more tests online!

Netsurfer Digest wrote about AllTheTests.com (6.36, 2000):

Testing, Testing…

You can never take enough tests. That’s the guiding principle of AllTheTests.com, a search directory of online tests that measure IQ, EQ (“the social equivalent of IQ”), infotech comprehension, and more. We never realized there could be so many kinds of tests online till we got here. We dabbled in the fun category, which links to the lipstick personality test, Find Your Star Wars Twin, “Are You A Spammer?”, and many other self-assessment challenges you’d likely never find without this site. Relationship tests also abound, including the Relationship Auto-Blender, the Two-Partner Match-o-Matic, and Can You Survive a Long Distance Relationship? The Knowledge category covers learning styles, plant and animal trivia, and more – even the AA9PW Commercial Radio Exam. The site rates each test with icons to indicate whether results are sent by e-mail, whether the test requires paper and pencil, and whether you can take it offline. As you might guess, this site has much to offer both occasional and obsessive visitors.

kmsp.com’s Wired Site October 15, 2000:

All The Tests

Are you a perfectionist? Do you drink enough water each day? Are you a visual learner? “Allthetests.com” is a huge index of online exams. They’re categorized by subjects, like personality, health, and IQ. Click on the category, and you’ll get a list of topics to test yourself. The exams are multiple choice and usually about 10 questions long.

AllTheTests.com won the Echo Web Award:

TheLaughIn.com’s Hot Sites September 22, 2000:

All the Tests All the Time

Like to take tests? Then, you’ll dig this site. They have IQ Tests, Health Tests, EQ Tests, Personality Tests, Career Tests, Knowledge Tests, Language Tests, Relationship Tests, MCSE + IT Tests, Fun Tests, Purity Tests and more! Go ahead, take a test today!

YouMeWorks.com wrote:


Do you like tests, quizzes, questionnaires? Here is the site for you! They’ve got health tests, IQ tests, EQ tests, career tests, MCSE and IT tests, language tests, personality tests, and relationship tests!

Klastv.com Channel 8’s Gary Waddell takes you surfing to find the latest links and sites on the Internet:

All The Tests

If you’re looking for another way to waste time at work, there is a great site to find a distraction. At AllTheTests.com, you can find dozens of different online tests, from personality tests to career and knowledge tests, surveys on health and relationships. Some are very accurate, but others are just for fun.

The Kim Komando Radio Show made AllTheTests.com Kool Site (Friday, August 18, 2000):

All the Tests All the Time

Like to take tests? Then, you’ll dig this site. They have IQ Tests, Health Tests, EQ Tests, Personality Tests, Career Tests, Knowledge Tests, Language Tests, Relationship Tests, MCSE + IT Tests, Fun Tests, Purity Tests and more! Go ahead, take a test today!

Newradiostar.com made AllTheTests.com Hot Website of the day (Tuesday August 15, 2000):


Hey, school’s opening up again so even if you’re not going back, take some tests..everything from serious IQ and Health tests to things like testing your knowledge of chocolate…Find out what a brilliant person you are after all…..yeah….right.

USATODAY.com made AllTheTests.com Hot Site of the day (Monday, Aug. 14, 2000): USA TODAY AWARD

Online Tests

In our alternative-to-work category: Test yourself to the virtual limits at the aptly named AllTheTests.com. Online quizzes ranging from IQ and health to relationship and fun. http://www.allthetests.com/

ITHAN PELTAN, Of Globe Online (08/08/2000) wrote:

Exam time

So you think you’re smart, do you?
…Go to Allthetests.com to find many test web sites arranged into categories including IQ, personality, EQ (emotional quotient), etc.
Some of the tests are pretty silly, the kind of thing they would put in the magazines like “Seventeen” and “YM” that my sister reads. But nevertheless, they’re pretty fun though, and I wouldn’t recommend it to you if it weren’t a good waste of time.

men360.com – the Online Community for Men – (08.08.2000) wrote:

Web Review: AllTheTests.com

Sites like this are the reason your boss doesn’t want you on the net. Not so much a site itself as a gigantic splash page, you browse their lists of self-tests sorted by category ( IQ, EQ, MCSE, Relationships, Career, etc.) and quality rating. Especially helpful are the notations next to each test that tell you how long they take. Many can be dashed off in less than 10 minutes, some take nearly an hour. The results are definitely not etched in stone, these are after all quick tests taken over the internet, but they are food for enough thought to keep your mind off actual work, and isn’t that what workplace surfing is all about?

Corey and Jay Show – (08/15/2000) wrote:


Back to school time huh ? Why not take a damn test now and get it over with.


Endorsed by Ask Men.com? USA Today’s Hot Site of the Week? “Sites like this are the reason your boss doesn’t want you on the net?”

You couldnt get any more clear that this site is NOT FOR CHILDREN than if you took a red flare and shot it into the sky right in front of King’s face as a warning!

What were they thinking?

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. But, to make excuses and try to justify the site has educational value to students or teachers is inexcusable. Absolutely inexcusable.

To be honest, Im sure parents and educators would have accepted NYSEDs brief mea culpa so we could all just move on. But, I dont appreciate excuses and justifications and Im sure no one else does in this case either. Shame on NYSED! Just admit it, say you’re sorry and move on. MEA CULPA!

If NYSED had done some simple due diligence, they would have clearly concluded that this site is inappropriate for students. There is no excuse for this guffaw.

With regard to concern about NYSEDs defense about Terms of Use, I have no experience in media law, but I did some quick research and will weigh in just for fun. This is just my opinion, not legal advice.

Preliminarily, I would argue that NYSED terms of use policy is not an enforceable argument because they used a browse wrap (hyperlink) that does not put the user on sufficient notice of ther terms of use to create an “agreement” as to those terms.

Contract principles apply here, requires both “offer” and “acceptance.”   On the NYSED page, the user was merely directed to a red tiny text hyperlink located at the middle of the bottom of the page of the website (see screenshot 1 attached).

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 12.38.19 AM

Moving to the student support service page, the terms of use is located at the bottom in tiny print in black which blends in to the surroundings, its not conspicuous and there is no manifestation of “assent” provided to the user to establish an agreement or to alert the user that if they clicked on the allthetests.com link, they would be leaving NYSEDs page (contrary to what NYSED says on their FB page). The hyperlink was a direct hyperlink endorsed by NYSED and the user could not have reasonably known that they were leaving NYSEDs page or that materials on that website would be explicit in nature or offensive, there was no warning between click and redirecting to the allthetests.com site. Users including children are able to click through from NYSEDs page, trusting the integrity of the resource as well they should, endorsed by NYSED. (screenshot 2)

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 12.42.27 AM

Without some way of demonstrating acceptance, I would argue that there is no agreement so Terms of Use cannot be a defense. There was nothing on NYSEDs webpages requiring an affirmative action on the users part to show that they read, understood and agree to terms of use. Typically, clickwrap agreements would suffice. A user would need to click the link and then “agree to terms of use” in order to move on to the webpages contained on the site. That didnt happen here.

A mere “browsewrap” agreement – where website terms and conditions are posted as a hyperlink at the bottom of the web page – which NYSEDs is – is typically not enforced as a contract, unless there is an indication of assent, because it’s not sufficiently clear that the user actually saw and “accepted” those provisions. Again, this is not my area of expertise, but I would want to argue this based on what I looked at premliminarily.

Moreover, isnt the student support services page with the allthetests.com link supposed to be used by students? I would argue, how could minors read and then give capacity to assent to terms of use?

Additionally, its not like parents, students and educators have a choice in the matter. Core was so swiftly adopted, without field tests or pilot studies, and implementation was done in haste that there is no experience or resource available to parents, students and educators other than the EngageNY Core resources and/or test prep material. We have no choice, but to use them so agreeing to terms of use is of no moment. In order to implement core in classrooms and prepare for tests, we MUST use NYSED/EngageNY website whether we would actually agree with terms of use, or not. Its a stretch, but I would argue it’s plausible.

As to the nature of the site, its clearly a junk site. There is no educational value to it. What teacher on earth would provide students this link or use the site for test preparation? A teacher would be disciplined or fired. NYSED, makes excuses for themselves. The fact that they are claiming its a teacher resource is immaterial. Again, mea culpa.

Which brings me to my next point.

With regard to the fact that Commissioner King endorsed “Sexy Bitch” Quizzes and offensive material as fun test prep for NY Students on its official student support services website page, isnt that a breach of some sort of duty of care or law that exists to protect minors from inappropriate explicit content online?

Although this article below relates to schools, I think we can all agree that NYSED is an institution at the top of the educators/administrators food chain.

In the weblink below, the American Association of School Administrators states that “we, as educators, are required to protect students from inappropriate material whenever we can”. That includes blocking most social networking sites and inappropriate content.

The Children’s Internet Protection Act, or CIPA is in place to protect children from being exposed to harmful material via internt. However, CIPA is much broader than just social networking, and schools and districts must constantly improve their protection strategies to keep students safe from inappropriate materials.

The article states that “as school leaders, we also must be mindful of our legal responsibilities in CIPA and the concept of in loco parentis.” Why would NYSED be exempt from such a standard?

Im not sure about application of the CIPA law as I am not familiar with it offhand, but I have to imagine that if not CIPA, then some law or policy must exist to hold them accountable to assure sound educational policy and resources are made avaialble particularly to children/students. The resource page was titled “Make Test Prep Fun” and was directed to minor students.


NYSED has made it clear that they are not looking out for our children. Therefore, it is incumbent on us as parents and educators to do so.

I hope you are concerned about this most recent bombshell and will choose to get involved.

For those interested, Senator Greg Ball has advanced a petition challenging Core:

We also need to make sure that every legislator understands and pushes for meaningful legislation to protect student data and privacy.

There are also advocacy groups that seek to hold NYSED accountable and to facilitate sound educational policy in our State on behalf of students and teachers.

NYASPE has issued a change Boar of Regents action alert.


Stop Common Core in NY advocates for children.


Students are more than a test score, Lace to the Top.


There are many more ways to get involved to change the trajectory of public education in INYS.

Together, parents and educators can take back our schools so we can stop providing offensive and useless curriculum and test preparation materials to our students and get back to real and meaningful teaching. Every child in New York deserves our best efforts.

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