Dr. Thomas Loveless, Former Advisor to USDE, warned Washington that faith in new Common Core curricula is misplaced!

I am home with my kindergartner today as a result of impending snow storm.

While he colors and practices his writing skills ala Core Curriculum, this gives me time to meander through the internet and search like an FBI agent to seek information to impeach and discredit  Core in NYS. The evidence so far has been staggering. Core does not amount to sound educational policy.

Another significant research find today, please share and send to officials or whoever you wish needs to know that Core is a sham:

Dr Thomas Loveless Director of the Brown Center for Educational Policy issued a stark warning against Core back in 2012. PLEASE BE ADVISED, LOVELESS IS A FORMER ADVISOR TO THE USDE AS SEEN HERE:

“Dont let the ferocity of oncoming debate fool you. The empirical evidence suggests that Common Core will have little affect on American students achievement. The nation will have to look elsewhere to improve its schools.”


Brown Center on Educational Policy, esteemed Brookings Institution, warns the Washington Policy Center that faith in new Common Core curricula is misplaced


Edweek article, Dr Tom Loveless – (Brown)

Where is the research to support Core? Because all I can find are conclusory assertions in support but study after study of empirical evidence, is against Common Core.

Cuomo, Regents and NYSED. Core is an epic fail!


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