CT Gov. Malloy’s “About Face” on Evals and Core Begs the Question, Where is Cuomo’s 180?


Merriam Webster Dictionary, states that the term “two–faced” means:
“not honest or sincere : saying different things to different people in order to get their approval instead of speaking and behaving honestly”

As will be set forth more fully heren, CT Gov. Malloy turned an “about face” on Common Core and teacher evaluations.

While I will stop short of calling Gov. Cuomo “two faced” on the issue, one has to wonder what exactly it will take and at what damage for Gov. Cuomo to turn  his 180 degrees.

On January 28, 2014, Connecticut Gov. Malloy wrote members of the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council urging the panel to amend the Connecticut guidelines for Educator Evaluation to provide teachers and administrators greater flexibility in the implementation of the new evaluation and support system and to relieve the significant demands and implementation of Common Core.


See also:


What is tantamount to an executive request by Gov. Malloy, comes in stark contrast to the position Governor Malloy took on educator evaluations and Core just a few months ago – at which time he fully supported both measures (with repugnant obstinance, if I may be so bold to add).

Who can forget Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s repugnant words, “I’ll settle for teaching to the test if it means raising test scores!”


Or, his pledge to spend $1million on a pro-common core PR campaign:



So, issuing what is tantamount to an executive providing relief to educators and students, is quite the “about face”, dont you think?

Indeed, the CT Department of Education took action by issuing the requested relief in response to Malloy’s demand:

Educators Receive Flexibility and Support as Multiple Reforms Implemented Across State


While the CT Department takes its lead from their Governor and has been responsive to students, parents and educators, what is happening in NY is in stark contrast and that speaks volumes.

In NY, Cuomo’s leadership is strikingly absent.

Indeed, NYSED is out of control and things have gotten so bad that NYSUT issued a vote of no confidence against Commissioner King and Common Core.


Moreover, I dont think I need to remind anyone or provide resources, its a given that parents, teachers and educators State wide are calling for Commissioner King to be terminated from NYSED partly based on the fact that Core and Educator evalsm and NYSEDS failure to be responsive to the same, result in both fatally flawed policies.

What is happening in NY is being watched by other States, I am sure.

Presumably taking cues from NY’s EngageNY fiasco, just this week, the CT Dept of Education issued a press release annoucing the launch of its Common Core resource website providing information which they assure parents and educators consist of “fully vetted” education materials:

State Launches Common Core Website for Educators and Parents
CTcorestandards.org Provides Vetted Resources for Teachers
and Useful Information for Parents


Despite the growing body evidence that demonstrates NYSEDs hasty decision making and deficits associated with Common Core, Cuomo seems to have a hard time believing that NYSED would offer explicit and inappropriate material to children on their website because he has been noticeably silent on the subject as have the Regents.

Many people trust NYSED because they assume that NYSED will do their job to monitor and provide quality resource materials and instruction to our children. Unfortunately, that is not the case. EngageNY materials and homowork aligned to Common Core are rife with problems and errors.

For ex, triple XXX test prep material were found as a resource for teachers and students on EngageNY:


Common Core assignments and homework are rife with errors and problems and parents are fed up:



NYSUT reports that educators are highly critical of EngageNY and NYSED website resources finding them, at minimum, wholly inadequate:

“… educators unleashed a torrent of critical comments, calling the modules too prescriptive, poorly developed, error-ridden, ambiguous, boring, one-size-fits-all and pure drudgery. Virtually no one offered praise for the modules prepared by three for-profit companies for statewide use.”


But, unlike CT who assure and guarantee their resources by “fully vetting” the same,  in response to a growing evidence that serious deficits, poor quality, age and inappropriate material can be found on NYSED/ENgageNY website, NYSED Commissioner King dismisses concerns admitting he failed to and simply cannot  “vet” EngagenY/NYSED website resources:


“We recently became aware of offensive and inappropriate content on a non-NYSED link that appeared on our website. The content at the non-NYSED link has changed since we originally posted the link. As soon as we became aware of the inappropriate content, we removed the link from the NYSED website. We’re glad it was brought to our attention.

Please note every NYSED web page includes a link to our Terms of Use, which states “the documents posted on this server may contain hypertext links or pointers to information created and maintained by other public and private organizations. If you click on these links, you will be leaving the New York State Education Department’s website. These links and pointers are provided for the user’s convenience. The New York State Education Department does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of this outside information. Further, the inclusion of links or pointers to particular items in hypertext is not intended to reflect their importance, nor is it intended to endorse any views expressed, or products or services offered, on these outside sites, or the organizations sponsoring the sites.”

Moreover, as you heard in the NBC new piece above, NYSED claims that they post hundreds of links and resources on their website so they simply cannot monitor or guarantee the quality and integrity of every single link and/or resource on its webpages.

This is very disturbing.

NYSED Commissioner King states in writing that he is unable to guarantee the quality and content of resources provided to students, parents and educators on their website NYSED/EngageNY which stands to reason that the materials have not and simply will not be fully vetted.

Which begs the question: WHERE IS CUOMO?

Well, it seems that Gov. Cuomo missed the memo.

Actually, let me rephrase…..he has missed several memos.

While Governor Malloy, who pledged $1 Million dollars to Core and promised to teach to the test has changed his tune and wised up in the light of disasterous  teacher evaluations and Common Core, Gov. Cuomo turns a blind eye and continues to insists on “patience” from parents, educators and students moving forward despite significant deficits and problems that plague public schools and are hurting children.  http://lohud.us/1fMPF1V 

Should this be a surprise to any of us?

Well, it is if you consider the fact the Gov. Cuomo is a self proclaimed “lobbyist for students”. In his 2012 SOS address, Cuomo stated:

Education Commission to Promote Performance and Accountability

As we reimagine government, we must focus on our core values.

The future of our state depends on our public schools. A strong, effective school system is the hallmark of a healthy democracy.

We must make our schools accountable for the results they achieve and the dollars they spend. I learned my most important lesson in my first year as Governor in the area of public education.

I learned that everyone in public education has his or her own lobbyist.

Superintendents have lobbyists.

Principals have lobbyists.

Teachers have lobbyists.

School boards have lobbyists.

Maintenance personnel have lobbyists.

Bus drivers have lobbyists.

The only group without a lobbyist?

The students.

Well, I learned my lesson. This year, I will take a second job — consider me the lobbyist for the students. I will wage a campaign to put students first, and to remind us that the purpose of public education is to help children grow, not to grow the public education bureaucracy.

Today, we are driven by the business of public educationmore than the achievement in public education. Maybe that’s why we spend more money than any other state but are 38th in graduation rates.

We have to change the paradigm. We need major reform in two areas:

  • Teacher accountability and student achievement. We need a meaningful teacher evaluation system. The legislation enacted in 2010 to qualify for Race to the Top didn’t work.
  • Management efficiency. We must make our schools accountable for the results they achieve and the dollarsthey spend.

We cannot fail in our mission to reform public education,because we simply cannot fail our children.

I will appoint a bipartisan education commission to work with the Legislature to recommend reforms in these key areas.


So, what happened, to these promises Andy?


Dont be. Let us not forget in 2011, to help offset a $10 billion budget gap, Gov. Cuomo proposed redirecting $100 million in funding to 11 schools that cater to children with disabilities which threatened to force a number of schools for deaf and disabled children to close.


As described more fully in the blog post below, Governor Cuomo has aptly demonstrated that he is no longer a lobbyist for students.


About face or two faced? You decide.

Truth be told, given Cuomo has not yet turned an “about face” under such dire circumstances, I think its safe to say, perhaps, he never was the self proclaimed “lobbyist for students” after all.

That leaves the latter.


Meme credit LTT



2/4/14 PEAC Meeting PDF



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