Luksik Debunks Feds/States Mistruths

Amazing forum February 5, 2014 at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel featuring Dr. Peg Luksik regarding Core, RTT, InBloom, Student Privacy, APPR, Testing, Assessments and the ties that bind them.

I had the pleasure and privilege of hosting and moderating this forum featuring the eminent Dr. Peg Luksik, a veteran educator and former DOE advisor with extensive credentials. She was accompanied by State and local officials who spoke as well.

The information provided by Luksik is profound.

BATs founder and teacher extraoridnaire, Mark Naison spoke at the Cortland Forum w/ Dr Luksik. He connected the dots for us more fully:

“Peg Luksik’s great contribution last night at the Common Core Forum– providing me with an “AHA Moment”-was to point out how Stimulus Money, dangeled in front of states in huge amounts in the beginning of the Obama Presidency, was what pushed those states to develop intrusive data collection systems that monitored students and teachers. Arne Duncan had his hand in how states got Stimulus Money well before Race to the Top was unveiled and he used that power to push data collection sytems of an unprecedented type, ones which would ultimately have a devastating effect on the teaching profession as states were required collect date on every student teachers had contact with and use that in creating a file on each teacher. Big Money, Big Data. Privacy Rights overshadowed. We are only now connecting the dots. Thank you Peg Luksik.”

Please watch this video and share it!

For those interested, sign the petition to protect student privacy.


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