Broken Wings

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No two butterflies are the same.

Every butterfly is beautiful, unique and born eager to fly.

CCSS, a one size fits all pedagogy, demands higher level thinking from every child in the same fashion, at the same pace, in the same way and at the same rate without regard to the individual needs of the child or their developmental level.

CC requires the same output for all students despite their ability.

There is no evidence to show that higher level thinking skills that form CC actually improves student achievement.

Would you purposely take a scissor to a butterfly’s wings? Would you paint it and train it to make every butterfly the exact same?

Even the most beautiful, unique and capable butterfly will lose its ability to fly if you take a scissor to it.

If every butterfly was expected to be the same, not one of them would shine. Not one of them would be beautiful or unique.  You would not be able to tell one from another.

A butterfly with broken wings simply cannot fly no matter how hard they try.

They wont get very far and will just wither away. Many will give up, wont they?

Children are like butterflies.

CC is the scissor and paint…..that clips their little wings and colors them to be the same as one another.

As parents and educators, how can we sit quietly watching  while our schools clip butterfly wings. Paint over a child’s uniqueness. Demoralizing a child. Turning them into clones of one another.

May our children one day be free of CC – to feel beautiful again, unique and so that they may take these broken wings, learn to fly again and learn to live so free….

Until then, we keep going.

Fighting to protect our beautiful, unique little butterflies.

Fighting to keep them away from harmful scissors and paint…… the Common Core.




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