The ridiculous cut scores of the 3-8 NY Common Core tests and what we should do about them

Round the Inkwell

For those of you who read my blogs in Valerie Strauss’ Answersheet, you know that for some time I have been ranting about the SAT scores that John King used to help set the cut score for proficiency on the Common Core tests.

In order to guide the setting of the cut scores, King  commissioned a report  to determine “college readiness” (Thank you to Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters for finding it.)  He was not satisfied with the College Board’s established readiness score of 1550. So he asked the College Board to do another study and they were happy to oblige.

According to that report,  there is a 75% probability of getting a B- in a college math course as long as you score a 710.  

Well, bless my sleeveless pineapple!  Only 6% of college bound seniors get that score!  Anyone with a modicum of commonsense…

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