The rotten apple otherwise known as Core, is missing its STEM!


Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY


This article discussing how Common Core does not add up to STEM success has been on my personal FB wall for a few days now and has generated some interest from parents  with children from both ends of the “special needs” spectrum – students who are learning disabled and the gifted student.

Here is WSJ piece:

If you cant read it there, see the same article here:

I am working on writing a blog post regarding the adverse impact of Core on kinesthetic learners and, additionally, how the standards serve to stymie the potential of gifted children in public schools, FYI. Among other things, my blog post will discuss STEM and cites this WSJ piece as a reference with some links, sneak peek, to follow. I am behind having chosen to “take a break” for the holidays. I apologize, please bear with me. This is a sneak peek…

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