Parent Involvement is Never Overrated

A recent NY Times article claims that parent involvement in school is overrated and that there is no clear connection between parent involvement and student achievement.

The piece authored by Robinson and Harris, is a most outrageous and irresponsible generalization.

Indeed, Lack of parental involvement is the biggest problem facing public schools. Decades of research show that when parents are involved students have higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates, better school attendance, increased motivation, better self-esteem, lower rates of suspension, decreased use of drugs and alcohol, fewer instances of violent behavior and other positive outcomes all which foster student learning.

If parents do not know how to help their children with their education, particularly lower economic parents, then with guidance and support they may become increasingly involved in school, home learning activities and find themselves with opportunities to teach, to be models for and to guide their children.  All efforts should be made to facilitate that goal, not to undermine the possibility for parent involvement, deter the same or excuse disintersted parents at the outset.

The conclusion that parent parent involvement is overrated sends shivers down my spine.

A rebuttal piece from Psychology Today, aptly challenges Robinson and Harris claims regarding parent involvement imploring parents and educators to move forward with building family-school partnerships for the 21st century.

Harris and Robinson, take note. Now, this conclusion deserves a round of applause. e


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