Pearson’s Connection to the Ad Placement on NYS ELA

Pearson Ties To Product Placement


Here is an article claiming Pearson has no affiliation with companies on their NYS ELA tests:


Thanks to BAT & mom Sara Wottawa, we have come to realize Pearson has direct and indirect ties to all companies mention on their NYS ELA test.


 Pearson’s connection to Barbie is simple- Barbie’s pricier cousin, American Girl Doll, comes with a Pearson textbook:


And furthermore, the head of the Mattel Board sold his former company to Pearson:


 Pearson makes the exams for all Apple employees:


Pepsico’s (Mug Root Beer) Board of Director Pearson’s CFO for 12 years:


 Nike has ties to Microsoft and Bill Gates:


Nike has also been used in other Pearson materials:


 I’m sorry NYSED, what were you saying about product placement?


Lace to the Top on Facebook and Twitter.  We don’t place products, we…

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