Refusers Beware!

keep calm


Math exams coming up next week. There is a chance that administrators will try to dissuade you from refusing the test for your child. There may be pressure to “opt in” or “else”

Teachers have spoken out in record numbers against testing as it defies their conscience.

Principals support refuse the test:

Despite the same, 2014 NYSED, NY School Lawyers association and NYSSBA is strongly advising schools to DIScourage refusals.

LI Opt Out’s Jeanette Deuterman issued advice this morning regarding refusing the test.

Jeanette wrote:

“I have gotten word that the SED has been calling around to various districts threatening them to discourage refusals. If your district has suddenly become “difficult” this is most likely the reason. Most superintendents will simply do what they know is right, continue to honor parent letters, and offer the same protocol. Unfortunately a small few will bend to the pressure and attempt to discourage you. Do not waiver. Only you know what is right for your child. ”

I am posting links with common rhetoric below from this year and last year to give you an idea of what you may hear and/or read to dissuade you from refusing the test.

You dont have a right to opt out. That is true. But, you do have a right to have your child REFUSE THE TEST. As Jeanette aptly stated, do NOT waiver. Only YOU know what is right for YOUR child.

Read this 2013 At the Chalk Face piece in support of resfusing thes test criticizing the opt out push back:

NYSAPE addresses funding concerns in this resource link, follow the link for more resources:

Here is common New York State School Lawyers Ass. counsel rhetoric on refusing the test:

NYSSBA rhetoric is the same as above

NYSEDs rhetoric on standardized testing is misleading, mischaracterizes the tests and speaks volumes:

School leadership advice rhetoric against refusing the test:

Even the NYSPTA chimes in issuing rhetoric against refusing the test in this piece from last year

If at any time during your advocacy you feel pressure to conform, ask yourself this simple question: Are you “That Parent?” Then, stand up and do what you feel is best for YOUR child.

Other Relevant resources:

Please see the following for a list of resources to help you refuse the test:


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