DATAG – NY Schools Data Analysis Teachnical Assistance Group And EVI Sheds Light on CC & NYS Assessments

I stumbled across this PPT gem accidentally.
It was brought to my attention that schools were issued a survey of some sort that discussed and asked for input from the district about testing, refusing and content of HST assessments. Curious about this, I planned to FOIL  NYSED for it and the district for theor responses.
Originally, I FOILed NYSED for this info as I had no further info about this mysterious survey or who, why or what was issuing it. NYSED responded that they had no such records.
Today, I spoke to my district and inquired further about surveys that they are being asked to complete in regard to testing and assessments. Finally, it was explained to me that NYSED did NOT issue the survey, the district obtained the survey from DATAG.
DATAG is very interesting.
DATAG’s Mission
  • To provide a leadership role in identifying, cataloging, and modeling best practices in the analysis and use of data for New York schools.
  • To assist schools in understanding performance assessments in order to effect changes in curriculum and instruction to meet New York educational standards.
  • To support the use of data to inform and improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as guide professional development and district comprehensive or strategic planning

I am still reviewing info on DATAG.

Here is a very interesting 12/13 DATAG PPT by Dr Bruce Crowder EdVistas consultant/researcher that seems critical about CC and aseessments and sheds light on the same. Please read this. Again, the PPT is from DATAG which is a company that surveys schools in NYS for edu policy purposes and is not, to my knowledge, affiliated with NYSED.


Here is Edu Vistas About Statement. They State that they are on NYS vendor listing:

Educational Vistas, Inc. (EVI)
  • EVI has over forty years of direct involvement in education management, change, and technology application to improve the system. Its solutions are on the New York City listing for contracted services, New York State CO-SER aid, and contracted services in Delaware, New Hampshire, North Caroline, and Texas. The solutions represent the most forward thinking practices in education and technology integration. Training and services are provided within EVI’s Results-Based Education Model (R-BEM) and may be customized to fit the unique needs of a district or school. While company facilitators serve to build quality into an educational system, they likewise recommend the systematic abandonment of practices, procedures, and thinking which do not support the improvement of the system to attain desired outcomes and student learning results. Quick fixes are not sought, but rather planned change is the hallmark of the company. The goal of EVI is to improve student performance to a quality standard. Therefore, EVI has acquired experience and expertise in developing standards-based assessments, both formative and summative, which align perfectly with the content standards and new assessment formats of the states. EVI staff has worked with an array of school districts from the lowest performing to the highest. Working with the content standards and related curriculum frameworks of numerous states, EVI has acquired a unique perspective on the current standards-based reform. The goal of EVI is improved performance of staff and students to achieve desired results while building local capacity. Its quest for excellence and equity is being realized.
    EVI is on the NYS and NJ Product Vendors Listing.

  • Here are Edu Vistas Services:

    1) Standards-based review of district curriculum and reporting
    2) Comprehensive district education planning (CDEP)
    3) Developing district commencement goals with public participation
    4) Curriculum alignment and articulation with local content and State standards
    5) R-BEM Supervision – Collegial Support System
    6) Curriculum mapping process
    7) Developing integrated, performance-based instructional units to deliver
    8) Planning and implementing an academic intervention services (AIS) system
    9) Developing learning episodes for academic intervention
    10) Teaching reading in content areas
    11) Training for transforming special education to a standards-based system
    12) Using a national and international testing item banks
    13) Developing standard and TIMSS-based scoring rubrics
    14) Portfolio development, assessment, and application

In this piece, Testing and CC: Getting it Wrong, Dr. Crowder  of EVI points out that NY has been less than transparent regarding testing and assessments.

Crowder seems critical of NYSED and testing policies:

Dr Crowder on funding and AIS in NYS

Managing Reform of RTT

About Dr Crowder

Dr. Crowder is a former NYS Assistant Commissioner of Education for Quality Assurance and the State’s Excellence and Accountability Program (EAP). IBM and the NYC Chancellor employed him to guide a major educational initiative in the poorest district in the City. He was also Superintendent of Schools for the Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery CSD where the United States Military Academy at West Point is located, assistant superintendent for instruction at Scotia-Glenville CSD, and principal of Colonie Central High School. In addition, he has filled the roles of teacher, department head, and coordinator. He has authored numerous documents in education with particular emphasis on curriculum and assessment. Currently, he is a senior researcher and facilitator for EVI.

Here is Dr Bruce Crowder’s CV

More EdVistas Articles:



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