Sound Basic Education? NYSED – Show Your Work!

An earlier piece I wrote about CFE and Sound basic education updated with links to reflect the NYSER v NYSED, Cuomo Regents suit.

Hudson Valley Parent Educator Initiative is one of the co-Plaintiffs in this action.
New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights (NYSER)
​is a statewide coalition of parents, concerned citizens and community groups, advocacy organizations, and school boards that seeks to ensure the opportunity for a sound basic education for all students attending public schools in New York State through policy analysis, advocacy, and legal action.

Amended Complaint:

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

With regard to Common Core, I have heard relentlessly over and over and over from teachers, administrators and others courageous enough to admit that “We’re building the plane while flying it!”

How many of us have heard this phrase in presentations about the need for schools to move more quickly toward an uncertain and unknowable future?

Chiacgo Teacher Union Prez Karen Lewis doesn’t mince words when she boldly asserts that the plane is being built on the fly and that “we don’t know what will happen next.”

This is not comforting to me. And you?

Last year, I realized that my district, like many others, is likely to experience fiscal insolvency in just a few years.

Most districts survived last year with the tax cap by spending down reserves at a fiscally irresponsible rate just in order to keep the tax levy within the tax cap. But that’s not going…

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