Arne Duncan’s “Principal Ambassadors”: Federally Monitored “Local Control”??


A notable corporate reform ploy is to starve school districts of funding and then turn around and offer some “assistance”– which amounts to little more than a district’s selling its autonomy to the corporate reform machine.

Corporate reform is flush with cash, and it wants to leverage its cash in order to trap school systems (both local and state) into the corner of inevitable privatization.

Arne Duncan: Federal Control on Behalf of Privatization

For all of his claims to the contrary, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is leveraging federal enforcement of the spectrum of reforms promoted by Race to the Top (RTTT).

Note that Duncan’s coercive efforts benefit mega-companies like Pearson. This happens to be the same goal billionaire Bill Gates holds in his obscenely-financed efforts to cement a future for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Duncan wants to back states and districts further into the…

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