Friends of NY public schools, meet Zephyr Teachout

“Our children are not just cogs to be hammered and shaped, but small people with great challenges and great possibilities.”

Hoping to Primary against Cuomo, please meet Zephyr Teachout.

Round the Inkwell

As many of you know, Fordham law professor, Zephyr Teachout, ran for the nomination for governor on the Working Families Party ticket.  Cuomo put on the pressure, and won the nomination. But Zephyr Teachout won the night….

She is not done. She is a passionate woman who deeply believes in a democracy independent of  big money interests. She also deeply believes in public schools. With our support, she will challenge the Governor in the primary.  Email her at info@zephyrteachout and commit your time. Make a donation if you can here. I did.  If you want to know where she stands on the issue you care about the most continue reading.

In her words, what education means to Zephyr Teachout….

My first real job out of college was as a third-grade Special Education classroom assistant in a small rural public school outside the town my grandparents had lived. It was like a lot of small…

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