Unwrapping New York State’s latest common core tests

Blogger Andrea Gabor “is once again in possession of a bit of educational contraband.” She has a copy of the NYS ELA test for grades 6 to 8 which were administered in April 2014. Reblogged on SOTHVNY to spread awareness. WHY are employees forced to smuggle top secret tests out of NYSED particularly given the legislative intent behind Truth in Testing policies (recent legislation also pending).
If you haven’t done so already, PLEASE take a few moments to email and call Albany to Release the Tests. Our voices are being heard as over 40,000 emails have been sent to Albany. As the legislative session comes to a close, let’s have one more BIG push!!! Parents and Educators are calling for complete transparency that OUR children deserve!



Andrea Gabor

Once again I am in possession of a bit of educational contraband.

For the second year in a row, I have received a copy of the New York State English Language Arts tests for grades 6 to 8, which were administered in April. (Though, this year, my set appeared incomplete as it contained only books one and two for each grade–not the three books that were included last year and that I was told were given this year. So my analysis here is confined to only two booklets for each grade.)

Anyone who has followed the controversy around the introduction of the New York State’s “common-core aligned” tests, knows that there has been a growing backlash–and not necessarily against the common core itself. Rather, a great many educators object to the quality and the quantity of tests–in addition to six days of “common core” testing, New York kids are now finishing…

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