Common Core Realizes All Potential

New York parent and blogger contemplates plans to hit Gates up for Philanthropic dough: Common Core Realizes All Potential advocacy group formed. Just like Higher Ed for Higher Standards and High Achievement, its nothing but “CCRAP”. Read on……

One Mom's Journey Through Education Reform

Here is an interesting piece about High Achievement New York, a new Common Core advocacy group (because we need more of those) consisting of businessmen in New York anxious to spread the word about the wonder of Common Core. They need money to spread the word of Common Core and so….

“A spokesman for High Achievement New York would not disclose information about the nonprofit’s finances. The spokesman said the bulk of the funding will be grants from philanthropic organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Helmsley Charitable Trust. The group has applied for grants and expects to recieve them.

These foundations have granted millions of dollars to organizations nationwide that aim to boost the standards, including a fellowship program at the State Board of Regents in which employees are developing Common Core-aligned curricula. Rich McKeon, director of Helmsley’s education program, wouldn’t say how much money the group…

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