Pearson Proposes a Two Tier Approach to Educator Assessment

According to an article in Chalk beat yesterday, Cuomo is suggesting a “safety net” approach via 2 tiered eval system for teachers.

“Under a proposal that Gov. Cuomo is supporting in the legislature, the state would generate two scores for low-rated teachers and principals whose evaluations are based on Common Core-aligned state tests, according to two sources familiar with the negotiations. Teachers rated “developing” or “ineffective” and whose evaluation is based on those state test scores would be eligible for the second score.

That new score would only be used for personnel decisions like termination and would be based on the other parts of a teacher’s evaluation, like principal observations or student scores on other assessments.
The two-tiered evaluation system would be in effect for this school year and the 2014-15 school year, the sources said.

The proposal resembles the “safety net” now offered to teacher candidates if they fail a new licensing exam, the edTPA. The exam is still administered, but if teachers fail they can take an alternative assessment that almost everyone passes. The safety net is available through the 2014-15 academic year.

The talks are focused on teachers whose student growth scores come from state math and English tests for grades 3-8, which are aligned to the Common Core standards. It’s unclear if high school teachers, whose evaluations are based partially on Regents tests that were aligned to the Common Core this year, will also be included in a final deal.”

However, in my notes on Pearson, I bookmarked last year that it was actually  Pearson came up a 2 tiered approach to evaluate teachers FYI (circa 2012).

I am not sure if this is the same as the EdTPA approach, will research that later, but thought the fact that Pearson is behind and proposed a 2 tier educator eval system was certainly worth mentioning under the circumstances.

Thoughts on Pearson’s proposal and whether this approach is appropriate for educator evals in NYS? 



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