Cuomo Blames King and Tisch for NYS CC Hot Mess: What About $ecret $hadow Fellow$?

NY Gov Cuomo blames John King NYSED for CC/APPR hot mess.  This is no shock as he lettered the Regents with concerns back in 2011.

Yet, the incompetence persists.

Dont get me wrong, King and Tisch are to blame. But, dont forget the hand King’s secret Regents Fellows have had in  the CC cluster fu** otherwise known as flawed education policy.

Please recall, NYSEDs public schools and the education reform is backed by the private and the wealthy agendas bypassing oversight and accountability measures. They have been know as NYS secret education policy makers.

Former Education Commissioner David Steiner explained the intent of the Regents Research Fund fellowship after a New York State United Teachers executive had alerted members of the board about it. The fellows are now helping Steiner’s successor, John B. King Jr. In other words, this was kept relatively secret.

So, what are the Fellows responsible for? This:

These initiatives will be designed inside New York’s first State-level “education think tank,” a separate non-profit organization supported with private funds and staffed with fellows selected through a highly competitive process. Each initiative will be led by a senior fellow
with specialized content experience and knowledge, and supported by one or more fellows who provide strategic planning and analytic support. Teams will evaluate policy and design decisions, as well as implementation structures and processes, and deliver recommendations to the Commissioner, Senior Deputy, and Board of
Regents. Working with staff from the New York State Education Department (NYSED), they will develop detailed implementation plans and ensure that each initiative is successfully launched and transitioned to NYSED. The core initiatives include:
• Developing a K-12 statewide curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards in ELA and Math,
then Science and Social Studies
• Redesigning the State’s K-12 assessment system
• Implementing the State’s new teacher and principal evaluation systems and building online educator
effectiveness resources
• Developing teacher performance assessments
• Building a virtual schools platform
• Transforming the State’s General Education Development (GED) Program

So who backs the secret shadow group that have been advising and implementing ed policy in our public schools?  Here’s a quick refresher:

Regents Fellows are paid out of the Research Fund. Here are the contributors per Union Times Article:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $3.3 million

James S. and Merryl H. Tisch Fund $400,000 (draw-down on $1 million commitment)

Leona and Harry Helmsley Charity $3.83 million

Amy and Larry Robbins Foundation $500,000

Tortora Silicox Family Foundation $975,000

GE Foundation $3.5 million

Ford Foundation $788,000

Carnegie Corp. $1.2 million

Tiger Foundation $560,000

Robin Hood Foundation $600,000

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation $900,000

So, basically the above philanthropists have been running NYSED and driving ed policies with their corporate agendas through employment of the Fellows. The Fellows answer to King, after all.

This explains why public schools  in NYS are such a hot mess.

Great work King and Tisch.

But, Cuomo – you are not off the hook. You oversee NYS after all, you are Governor.

But, not for much longer….thankfully.



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