Louisiana: Jindal vs. White on Common Core


Same with Kentucky. Dumped PARCC but not CC.

Here is Kentucky’s Governor letter 2014 dumping PARCC on same basis plus some additional args.


This is all very confusing.

Per Stephanie Simon via Tweet:
1. Bobby Jindal wants out
2. His state supe wants in
3. Jindal says state needs to put contract for PARCC tests out to competitive bid
4. White says there is no contract w/ PARCC, he’s using an old contract w/ another firm to deliver PARCC content, so it’s OK
5. Jindal’s former chief of staff, now in charge of contract review, says White’s plan isn’t authorized, suspends testing contract

Mercedes Schneider reviews the battle, the documents and the state of play via Diane Ravitch.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Louisiana is the site for education dramas. Today began a new one. Governor Bobby Jindal announced that the state was pulling out of Common Core and the PARCC assessment consortia. PARCC is one of two federally funded testing consortia aligned to the CCSS.

No sooner did Governor Jindal make his announcement than State Commissioner John White issued a press release affirming that the state was continuing with Common Core and PARCC.

What next?

Here, Mercedes Schneider reviews the battle, the documents, and the state of play.

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