CDOS Continued

Apparently, NYSED posted the public comments relating to “CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND OCCUPATIONAL STUDIES
CREDENTIAL FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES” in attachment 3 which you can find here:
Despite significant opposition and concern from parents and educators, the CDOS was implemented bc SED did “not agree” with criticism of the CDOS credential. Augmenting the blog piece attached, take a look at the public comments on the CDOS credential.

One Mom's Journey Through Education Reform

I put together a quick explanation of CDOS, (Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential), a challenge as the person I spoke to at NYSED provided information that was inconsistent with the information provided by a Special Education teacher in my school district.

The CDOC program is another example of the NYS Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department believing that all students can be fit into the same mold and will meet the same standards because the teachers and the school district should be able to have all students meet the same criteria.

Many years ago, students would earn a local diploma if they passed all the course work, but did not pass all the required regents exams.  More recently, students (more specifically, student with an IEP) could earn a local diploma if they passed the required course work, earned at least 22 credits, and could pass a…

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