Which lawsuit really represents students in NY?

A wise piece from attorney Michael Rebell, lawyer spearheading the real, true lawsuit representing students across this State: NYSER v NYSED, Cuomo et al – which seeks to force the State to fund public schools and honor its obligations to provide a sound basic education to students per CFE circa 2011, inter alia. http://m.nydailynews.com/opinion/anti-tenure-lawsuit-fail-article-1.1854286

Our parent group Hudson Valley Parent Education Initiative is proud to be a member of this suit against King and Cuomo. Join our HV regional page designed to fight CC here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/HudsonValleyAgainstCommonCore/

An update on the NYSER suit:
NYSER (New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights) has filed a motion to have $1 billion in school aid restored to NY schools immediately. Many schools desperately need these funds to provide students with the basic educational opportunities and resources they need to succeed. To learn more, read this article: http://nydn.us/1nVschw and check out the NYSER website: http://www.nyser.org/

To keep informed, please like:https://www.facebook.com/campaignforeducationalequity

(The State “happened” to fall into $2.24 Billion dollars recently due to an unrelated settlement. NYSER is seeking to enjoin the State from spending the money and for $1B to immediately be paid to schools. I cant say how the Judge will rule on the NYSER motion, but Id say it was good timing and a very wise move, indeed. )

Fighting teacher tenure is not what we need in NYS. Addressing CC, HST, APPR and POVERTY are the real issues that drive failing schools and why we need ed reform. So, dont be duped by the hype – ditch Campbell Brown and her cronies and stand with students who deserve to be well and legitimately represented in the quest to achieve a sound basic education in NY. 


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