AG Schneiderman Moves To Consolidate Teacher Tenure Law Suits – Davids v State of NY

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DSCF1290Quietly last Thursday, August 7, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a notice of motion for consolidation of two lawsuits challenging teacher tenure citing the involvement of “identical substantive issues.”

One, Davids v State of New York was commenced by the NYC Parents Union and their children on July 3 in Richmond County (Staten Island). Mymoena Davids, the daughter of NYC Parents Union leader Mona Davids, is the lead plaintiff. A second lawsuit, Wright v State of New York spearheaded by the Partnership for Educational Justice (PEJ) was filed July 28 in Albany County. Filing on behalf of the defendants: the State of New York, the NYS Board of Regents and the NYS Department of Education, AG Schneiderman proposes that the cases be consolidated and moved to the Court on Staten Island. Schneiderman also proposes that the consolidated action go forward as Davids v State of New York with the…

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