Oklahoma PTA Unanimously Calls for End to High-Stakes Testing

The NYSPTA has shown unwavering support for the trajectory of the flawed Regents Reform Agenda, CC even the abusive testing practices that accompany the CC agenda:
http://nyspta.org/pdf/Advocacy/NYSPTA_Voice_CCTalkingPoints.pdf http://nyspta.org/pdf/Advocacy/Report_CCLS_Survey_Jan_2014.pdf
Compare, Oklahoma PTA unanimously calls for End to HST!
I think I will send my membership to OK PTA instead of NYSPTA this year.

Diane Ravitch's blog

At its annual meeting, the Oklahoma PTA called for a ban on high-stakes testing. As parents and grandparents, no one can remember a world in which standardized testing is as important as it is today, thanks to No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top. Parents in Oklahoma said: Enough is enough.” The following was reported in the Oklahoma PTA journal.

“July 18, 2014 – Tulsa: Over 340 delegates at the Oklahoma PTA’s annual convention voted unanimously to adopt resolutions that call for a ban on policies that force the state’s public schools to rely on high-stakes testing and put an end to mass administration of field tests.

“One in five students suffer from high test anxiety. A further 18% have mid-level anxiety,” stated Jeffery Corbett, Oklahoma PTA President. “Our children are not just a test score. They are so much more.”

“In addition, the resolution calls for…

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