Tampio: Bill Gates Should Not Control Our Schools

Diane Ravitch's blog

Nicholas Tampio, who teaches at Fordham University, doesn’t understand why Bill Gates has been allowed to use his billions to gain control of American public education.

Tampio says that innovation comes not from standardization but from diversity, from differing ideas and perspectives.

He recalls when Gates used the power of his technology to replace WordPerfect with Microsoft’s Word. I remember that well, because I thought WordPerfect was far superior to Word and was disappointed when the better software was stamped out by Gates’ passion to standardize.

Tampio thinks that Common Core may stamp out competing ideas. He writes:

“The Common Core may raise standards in some school districts, but one ought to read the literature with a critical eye. The Common Core has not been field-tested anywhere. The Common Core does not address many root causes of underperforming schools, such as hungry students or dangerous neighborhoods. And the Common Core…

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