Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of American Achievement Culture


Race to Nowhere home screening: Sept 25, – Oct 10, 2014:

We invite you to join us for an in home viewing of the documentary film “Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture” which has ignited nationwide conversation among parents, students, educators and policy makers as a close-up look at the pressures faced by school children, families and teachers in the 21st century.

Among the questions it raises:
How can we best prepare our youth to become healthy, bright and contributing citizens?
How do we define achievement?
How can we make choices that support the healthy development of young people?
How can we end the race to nowhere?

This film addresses the pressure of HST, pub ed and the achievement culture under NCLB, RTT and in a pre CC era.

Since CC, PARCC and HST among other things, the stakes have risen dramatically for all our students. This film is a good primer that talks about excessive testing and pressure put on students to succeed due to public ed policy and how this is harming our students.

Watch trailer and find your local listing/showing to view for free at home here:

Join us for a Q&A and/or comments session event to discuss and open dialogue about the issues raised in the film by commenting on the event at the link below:




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