Vote Yes, Under Duress? ‪#‎smartschoolbondactVOTENO‬!

More info from parent advocate Brian Wasson: please read his updated blog piece and analysis of the Smart School Commission report here:

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY


A few weeks ago, I wrote this piece lambasting Governor Cuomo for bilking schools out of billions of dollars thereby depriving students of their right to a sound basic education, among other things.

New York State has shortchanged the entire public school system by billions of dollars, ignoring an agreement that followed a landmark court ruling in 2006. NYSER filed suit against Cuomo, Regents and Commissioner King on the basis of depriving students and public schools the money they are entitled to under the NYS Constitution and basically denying students their rights to a sound basic education.

See also:

As usual, Cuomo blew the suit off. He claimed the theory behind the NYSER lawsuit seeking more money for New York schools is flawed because he said more money doesn’t equal better academic results.

“We spend more than any other state in the country,” he said. “It ain’t about…

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