What Do We Really Know about Ted J. Morris, Jr.? An Update.

Charter queen Eva Moscowitz would be mortified to hear that the self-proclaimed “charter guru” Ted J Morris relies on Go Fund me to raise money for his education endeavors. Hedgefund managers, corporate honchos and profiteers are her thing after all. But, I digress.

Since obtaining approval to lead The Greater Works charter school in a very high needs school district in Rochester, Mr. Morris application has undergone scrutiny and many of his claims are being impeached by advocates who have conducted a modicum of due diligence that SED and the Regents apparently failed to provide.

That SED approved this man’s charter application is disturbing, but not surprising. If there is one thing SED has at least shown, quality, integrity and honesty are not qualifications for running a charter school in New York State and virtually no due diligence is done in approving the same. Yet another example of SED incompetence comes to light. Would someone please tell me what it is Commissioner King does all day? Because one thing is clear that is he’s not doing his job in representing the best interests of the public school students of the state of New York.

If you would like to donate to con man  and liar liar pants on fire Ted J Morris charter fund, you can see the link below.

Unlike the Regents and SED who approved this man’s request to lead a charter school and educate thousands of Rochester students and therefore opened up a purse belonging to NYS tax payers intended for NYS public school children, I am confident you will not be that stupid.


Ever since the Democrat and Chronicle published on November 23, 2014, its article praising the newly-NY-Regents-approved, 22-year-old Ted J. Morris, Jr., for the 2015 approval of his Greater Works Charter School, much Morris-induced (mis)information has been flying through cyberspace on this man.

Ted Morris

Indeed, with the new information that has come my way in the last 24 hours regarding Morris’ credentials and experience, my post dated November 24, 2014, has been updated numerous times, and still the information comes.

Even the Democrat and Chronicle (D&C) has attempted to straighten out the story on Morris. However, much of the information in that “update” lacks verification.

So, what do we know about this young man who persistently petitioned NY Regents beginning in 2010 to start a charter school?

First, even though he told D&C that he graduated from Rochester’s Schools Without Walls (SWW), one day after being called…

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