My Congratulatory Ode to Commissioner John King


My Congratulatory ode to Commissioner King:

John King has had many successes as Commissioner of Education.

He was successful in shutting down dialogue on common core, high stakes testing and student privacy throughout New York state.

King earned the prestigious vote of no confidence by the states largest teachers union.

In his short reign at SED, King was successful in mobilizing and forcing parents, educators to call and write the Regents and state politicians demanding that King resign or that he be removed.

King provided great advice and leadership that advanced charter, corporate education and other interests at the expense of public school children.

Under his leadership, SED failed to conduct their due diligence, demonstrated instances of lack of attention to detail and professionalism and managed to climb the ladder of success as the butt of NYS public administration jokes.

Thanks John! Well done. New York state parents and educators wish to congratulate you on your many successes as Commissioner of Ed!

Now, New York needs a competent, caring pragmatist to lead SED.

Someone who is willing to listen to concerns raised by parents and educators and who will be held be accountable to the Regents for implementing education policy in our schools.

As to King, one can only conclude that he will be as sucessful in his endeavors at the federal level as he has been here in New York.

Best wishes for the future, Kingsie!


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