Resolution to Support the “I Refuse” Movement

Resolution to support the “I Refuse” movement is a must read. Reblogged from PJSTA

The official website of the PJSTA

New York State Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE), NY BATs, Lace to the Top (LttT), STCaucus, Long Island Opt-Out (LIOO), and the Port Jefferson Station Teacher’s Association (PJSTA) have collaborated to write the following Test Refusal/APPR Resolution. The above organizations are in full support of this resolution and encourage its use as a working template for your local chapters. It will be presented at the 2015 NYSUT RA.

PLEASE bring this to the attention of the members in your local and make sure it is discussed in your Rep Council meetings. The more districts who sign-on, the better! There is strength in our numbers and in building MASSIVE test refusals for state assessments this Spring. Please encourage ALL your teachers to refuse testing for their own kids as this action will send a powerful message to other parents, that we support their right to opt their child out of developmentally…

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