Why Are Teachers Silent?

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Many readers have noted that their colleagues go along with policies they know are wrong. They comply because compliance is easier than resistance. They comply because they fear losing their job or being seen as a troublemaker.

This is sad but understandable. People need to feel secure, they need to feed their family and pay the mortgage.  Few people want to step outside their comfort zone or risk opprobrium and punishment from their supervisor.

Go along and get along is a lot pleasanter than being abrasive. But dream for a minute. What would happen if every teacher in a district refused to give tests that don’t show what their students know and can do? What would happen if teachers said no to policies that hurt children? And to policies that are unprofessional?

Sort of reminds you why teacher unions were created almost a century ago.

Just thinking.

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One thought on “Why Are Teachers Silent?

  1. Teachers are silent because standing up for kids doesn’t pay the mortgage. Standing up for kids doesn’t maintain the teaching certification you need to work elsewhere. Standing up for kids is dangerous in a time and place where the unions that should be able to have teachers’ backs are being hamstrung.

    Parents, on the other hand….parents can make noise.

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