Rock on Teachers!



Oh happy day! Feeling incredibly inspired by some amazing educators who demonstrate courage and complete conviction to do what is best and what is right for students! Taking a stand against the moral, ethical and professional encroachment  of the developmentally inappropriate and controverisal common core pedagogy.

Please join me in a round of applause for:

1) Educator Beth Dimino of Comswegoue school refuses to give cc tests to students with her superintendent’s support!!

2) Ichabod Crane CSD 6th grade teacher Jennifer Ricket provides heartwrenching statement to her own BOE against common core testing; she cites moral and ethical conflict over administration of developmentally inappropriate and controversial common core tests. Respectfully objects to the 2015 ELA tests. Requests reassignment on testing days. Parents and colleagues in her support!

3) Educator Jia Lee, special education teacher at the Earth School to testify
at the Senate Hearings!!

And dont forget the SAANYS educator feedback report which provided damaging evidence last year’s common core ELA tests:

The pendulum is swinging folks……..please post and comment with a word of encouragement and thanks on any articles/posts that you see where educators are speaking out.


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