Public Education as a “Market:” Pearson’s Corporate Network


Bill Gates: The new curriculum for the common core will line up with the testing standards, “and it will unleash a market for people providing services for better teaching.”

This exposé names the corporate relationships represented on Pearson’s board of directors,  which includes representation from some of the most influential financial advising/risk management firms, banks, power industries, publishers, mass media, technology manufacturers, and pharmaceutical industries. Common Core and Race-to-the-Top are federal reforms that require national annual testing.

On the one hand, those in support of reorganizing public education into a market-driven corporate model argue that the inherent competition offered by the structure of the “free” market and high-stakes testing of students will raise children’s achievement. The problem with that whole line of thought, on the other hand, is that public education is not just for those who excel at standardized tests in reading and mathematics. What will keep companies who monopolized…

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