Who Can We Boycott?: Who Benefits from or Invests in Pearson and Teach for America?


Common Core’s Corporate Relations with Pearson and Teach for America (TFA)

by Michelle Maher, Ph.D.

Teachers and their networks constitute enormous collective financial power.  This essay encourages public school teachers, administrators, and counselors’ networks to boycott and resist organizations that invest in and/or benefit from the (uninvited) corporate takeover of public education. Diane Ravitch’s new book Reign of Error outlines how hedge fund managers and investment advisors have organized a private corporate takeover of public education, through the leveraging of NCLB funding and “privatization options” in by the Federal Department of Education, public schools are being pushed out of “business.”  But teachers know the rules of “just business” often do not result in justice for public school youth, particularly those who attend low-income schools.

To deal with teachers’ resistance to new regimes, given the very real impact by massive strikes in Philadelphia, Seattle, Tucson, and  New York City, Teach for America…

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