Professor Oyler: Chancellor Tisch Must Go.

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Yesterday, I watched a video of Chancellor Merryl Tisch speaking to the press about the budget, teacher evaluation piece and common core and found her completely disconnected from reality. For instance, she commented that with common core “students become owners of facts that are useful in their lives”.–chancellor-of-the-state-board-of-regents-discusses-education-reform.html

Given that the crux of common core utterly eliminates text to self knowledge and emphasizes text dependent knowledge from reading and critical thinking in our classrooms, I found Tisch’s statement to be utterly ignorant and backwards. I put an impromptu blog piece together to address my concerns about Tisch and set the record straight her about common core, here:

Many parents and educators across the state share my concerns about Chancellor Tisch’s leadership. Tisch has been steering the Regents reform steam boat  and has pressed the accelerator while blasting through the ocean of public education by watering down sound educational policies and practices replacing the same with untested, unproven pedagogy in our classrooms.

Chancellor Tisch has had a large hand in the demise of the quality of public education offered to our kids. For some reason, the Regents particularly Tisch have remained fairly insulated for their actions.

Albany has failed.

The Regents have failed.

NYSED has failed.

Just recently, several of the incumbent Regents were replaced providing parents and teachers hope that the shift in dynamic, will restore good decision making at the Regent level.

I hope Chancellor Tisch gets the message.

If not, perhaps we should be making it very clear.

Some brave, sage educators have already started on the quest to speak out against Chancellor Tisch’s harmful educational policies.

Merryl Tisch recieved an Ed. D. from Teachers College at Columbia University. But, not everyone at Columbia agrees with Tisch on education policy nowadays.

Professor Celia Oyler of Columbia University Teachers College has repeatedly called Tisch out for harmful policies imposed on students and teachers. Professor Oyler, who holds a PhD in curriculum and instruction and a BS in special education, emphasizes classroom-based collaborative research on issues of social justice, equity, and accessible pedagogy; inclusive education; teacher education. She has extensively criticized Tisch for imposing draconian education policies that harm students and teachers and is calling for Tish to step down. Most recently, in a response to a warning about Tisch, Dr. Oyler writes:
April 11, 2015 at 11:02 pm
Thanks, surfer, for your warning about president of TC Susan Fuhrman and Merryl Tisch. I have been 100% up front with Susan Fuhrman about my analysis of the utter destructiveness of M. Tisch’s policies on children and teacher. “Darkest days for education” in NYS: without a doubt. I wrote to President Fuhrman the day that Tisch announced her apartheid proposal for NYS. I asked her to tell Tisch what she is doing is wrong. I was also very vocal to President Fuhrman about TC awarding a medal of honor to a person who was working to roll out a system of teacher evaluation that was unjustifiable in terms of what the evidence clearly shows.

In this post Diane Ravitch called me brave. I disagree with Diane; I am not brave. I have tenure. The brave people, I think, are the TEACHERS OF CONSCIENCE ( who are refusing to give the tests. Civil disobedience is called for when complying with the law means you are breaking a higher law. Teachers of conscience are breaking a law – and jeopardizing their jobs – because they are refusing to enact an injustice. Across the history of the United States we have countless stories of everyday people who witnessed injustice and stood up and sad, “Basta! No more! Not in my name. I will put my body on the gears of the machine.” That is brave.

And teachers who do not take up civil disobedience, but come into their classrooms day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, offering rich curriculum to their students; who teach with passion and joy and relentless devotion, not because they may get a bonus, or because they need artifacts for their Danielson rubric, or because they are trying to get “the 2’s to move up to 3’s.” but because they love the world. And they know that every child they ever teach has the potential to shape our world in unexpected and wondrous ways. They teach their hearts out because they are accountable: to the public, to the commons, to the greater good. And that — the greater good — cannot be commodified, or quantified. And that is how we will win this war, and slay the monster. I call for the ouster of Chancellor Tisch!”

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Brava, Dr Oyler!

I second that motion.

Chancellor Tisch needs to go.

If you agree, please start speaking out and calling Tisch out as Dr Oyler has done. Parents and educators need to make some noise to hold the Regents accountable and that starts with Queen Tisch.

You can read Dr. Oyler’s comments here:

More from Dr. Oyler here:

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In this undated photo, Chancellor Tisch huddles to discuss the fastest and most efficient way  to destroy public education in NYS schools, with former Commissioner King. As parents and educators are well aware, both King and Tisch have been incredibly successful in implementing such destructive strategies in our public schools.


2 thoughts on “Professor Oyler: Chancellor Tisch Must Go.

  1. Chancellor Tisch will push against public schools, teachers, and teaching just as much and as far as teachers will let her, and then some. She stands with the Wall Street crowd on education.

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