New York parents demand an independent investigation of Common Core tests.

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Parents Demand NY Attorney General Investigate Common Core Tests

Serious concerns have arisen over the validity of the recent NYS ELA and Math Assessments

Rochester, NY: Parents of school age children are deeply troubled over the validity of the recently administered Grades 3-8 Common Core English Language Arts and Math Assessments. Their concern did not end with the explosive test refusal movement that saw hundreds of thousands of parents refusing the tests on behalf of their children. Parents like Monique Armann of Long Island, were “shocked by the content and length of the tests”, while other parents question the secrecy surrounding what is supposed to be a helpful assessment, which oddly no one can see or discuss. Many feel the strong arm tactics of Albany education bureaucrats concerning the tests is akin to bullying. Now that a bright light has been shined upon highly disruptive education…

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