Stephen Colbert throws Peter Cunningham under the bus.

Fred Klonsky


Earlier this week I predicted that the hilarious yet profoundly accurate John Oliver takedown of standardized testing would show up on every teacher’s Facebook page within 24 hours.

By closely monitoring every teacher’s Facebook page the next day I was proven to be exactly right.

I also saw that Peter Cunningham didn’t like it.

In fact, he wrote a piece on his blog that there was “not much to laugh about” in Oliver’s commentary.

He said Oliver was throwing poor kids under the bus.

Which was weird, because I was laughing through my tears.

Who is Peter Cunningham?

Peter’s CV looks like this.

After leaving Arne Duncan’s Department of Education as the communications guy, Peter was given $12 million dollars by the Broad Foundation, the Walton Foundation and Bloomberg to start his blog promoting the corporate reform agenda.

I am jealous. I’m sitting here in my t-shirt and…

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