New York Regents Will Vote on Teacher-Principal Evaluation Plan on September 16-17: Call Your Regent!

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Board of Regents will vote at their Sept. 16-17 meeting on making the new teacher-principal evaluation rules permanent. The current rules were adopted on a temporary “emergency” basis.

The current rules maintain a heavy emphasis on testing. Teachers, principals, and schools will be evaluated by the rise or fall of test scores, a practice that promotes teaching to the test, narrowing of the curriculum to only what is tested (math and reading), cheating, gaming the system.

Email or call your Regent and urge him or her to vote NO.

If they say that the bad system, which has no research behind it, is “law,” tell them that good people have a civic duty to resist unjust laws.

The tests have an absurdly high passing mark; they are no valid or reliable. Their purpose is to make your school look bad, so that the state can swoop in and turn…

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