Chancellor Merryl Tisch Out-Spins Herself in Capital Pressroom Interview

Chancellor Tisch, an epic education policy spin doctor, this is a must read by Bianca Tanis….

Bianca Tanis


Board of Regents Merryl Tisch outdid herself in an interview today with Capital Pressroom’s Susan Arbetter. Despite her conciliatory and concerned tone, the Chancellor’s attempt to make the unreasonable sound reasonable was an epic failure.

In her interview, Tisch states in no uncertain terms that she will be voting to permanently adopt current APPR regulations passed on an emergency basis last spring.

Doing her very best to sound fair-minded, Tisch informs Arbetter that there are a number of things that need to be adjusted and that under her guidance, the Board of Regents have made adjustments based on public comment. However, the only adjustment Tisch cites is a new process for educators to appeal their effectiveness ratings.

Chancellor Tisch must have missed the fact that 220,000 parents refused to participate in test-based accountability this year.  Since NYSED has not posted all public comments to their website, it is difficult…

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