Please support New York’s lost standards.

Tell Cuomo’s common core commission that there is a simple answer to a problem that seems to have elude commissions and panels before them… reinstate the NYS Lost Standards, The only homemade, developmentally appropriate, rigorous and higher standard parents and educators will accept for our public school children!



We all know common core is headed for a name change, especially insert this farce of a review commission, which consists of all common core deformers.

The Hudson Valley Alliance for Public Education and Stop Common Core in NY blog, ask that you take back up your pens, keyboards, and phones to request this ridiculous joke of a process be circumvented. We do not accept a rebranding of the common core curriculum. Minor tweaks are NOT ENOUGH. We ask that the “lost New York State standards” be used to replace the horrendous common core standards.

Please review these standards here:

Anna Shah shares:

“Governor Cuomo’s triple “C” panel of “experts” has all their work cut out for them already!

If the governor is truly interested in “reviewing”, “conducting a reboot” and “overhauling” the common core standards to make them unique and developmentally appropriate for New York, then perhaps…

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