October 10, 2013 NYSPTA Town Hall – Commissioner King’s Shut Up and Nod Tour Anniversary

Augmenting this flashback blog piece, NYSPTA Town Hall – Commissioner King’s Shut Up and Nod Tour circa 2013 with present day 2015’s
Hudson Valley Parents Strongly Object to Disgraced NYS Commissioner of Ed Appointment to Interim Secretary of Education Post


Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY


The event that started it all – In this clip from the October 10, 2013 Poughkeepsie Town Hall,  King gets an earful and is booed off the stage as he maintains that the private school his kids attends give the very same assessments as public school students and that the curriculum is “similar” to common core but not common core. 

Another great clip circa October 2013 from a similar forum- King fumbles the ball.

Happy spank-versary, Kingsie!

Today is the one year anniversary of the nefarious NYSPTA Town Hall incident where parents from Poughkeepse New York gave Commissioner King an earful. This event really changed the landscape for parents and teachers advocating against the flawed common core, HST and Regents reform agenda.

Billed as an opportunity for parents to ask questions and get answers from the Commissioner regarding common core, student privacy, InBloom and teacher evaluations among other things, the…

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